How to Make Money on Facebook and Maintaining a Good Customer Relationship


With e-commerce transforming how we used to buy and sell goods, social media platforms are proving to be one of the best places to buy or sell. Facebook, for example, is one social media platform that offers you more than a chance to meet new people. For someone getting into marketing on Facebook for the first time, there are certain facts that you will want to take into consideration other than checking out and they include;

Creating a business page

While you can sell products directly through your Facebook account, you should know that having a business page is essential. Remember that your personal account is meant for other social things, and you don’t want to be mixing business with pleasure. A business page allows you to sell and market on Facebook plus strictly, it comes with other features that will make it easier for you to interact with your customers. Also, some people don’t trust personal pages because they are less professional and can easily lead to things like fraud.

Use quality media

Selling on Facebook is all about showing your customers what you have. That means, it takes photos, captions and even videos to convince your prospects. That, therefore, requires you to ensure that your customers have the best view through quality media. You should know that online shoppers have certain behaviors that you will want to be keen about. For example, if you provide just a few pictures of an item, they may not be satisfied with the condition of what you are selling. That is why, for you to sell better on Facebook, you will want to make sure that you have at least five pictures of the item you are selling.

Insist on selling quality

Gone is the time when people would buy stuff because they are in need. That is because there is a stiff competition across industries. Since customers of today acknowledge this, quality has become an essential thing for online shoppers. That is why you find that it is challenging to sell counterfeit products online unless you put it clear that you are dealing in counterfeits (which is not a bad thing at all because some people prefer counterfeits because of their low prices). The moment you lie to your customers about the quality of your product on Facebook, you are doomed. That is because Facebookers are experts in leaving reviews, and they will not take it easy on you. Bad reviews and comments on your Facebook business page can help ruin your business.


One of the things that people look for when on Facebook is useful content that can help them decide as for which product is best for them. As a seller, you will want as many people to go through your page hence posting the items you are selling all the time can be boring. Don’t forget that there are plenty of contents associated with your product that you are allowed to share with your followers. You are also free to share links to belonging to other websites that provide useful information about your products and services.