How To Buy Value For Money Cheap Mobile Phones?

cheap phones

If you are the type who does not like forking out a fortune for a mobile phone or uses the drop down to sort what you are looking for, chances are you might often be facing the dilemma of whether to choose a cheaper priced phone or one with lesser features. The problem here is pretty simple, phone buyers often confuse between what is cheap in price terms Vs actual user cost of a phone. In simple words what I mean is a phone is cheap only when you are able to perform a wide range of activity and optimise your mobile phone experience without shelling out a huge amount. So surely the newest Apple’s option is out of the window for you but then the question what’s available?

cheap phones

Well here are the top criteria to choose from to ensure that you are able to buy low cost mobile phone that also performs really well.

  • Don’t Just Choose Based On Pricing: Don’t let the price tag be your only reference point to settle on a particular mobile phone set. Chances are you will be disappointed badly. That does not however mean that you do not look at the price at all. What I mean is decide on a range and look for all available options within that range before choosing one. This approach helps because while on the one hand you have a relatively larger range of options to choose from you also get a distinctive idea of what all you can expect within a specific price range. This understanding will help you also assess if you need to increase the budget or whether that would be sufficient for you to get the right kind of phone which you might be on a look out for.
  • Look Out For Features: When you are deciding on a best low cost mobile, one cardinal rule is keep your eyes open for the features that are available. It is very important that your phone performs all that you expect it to perform. For example, you might not need the flashy camera a particular company is offering but the Microsoft Office version available on the other one or some might have excellent sound/music capabilities while others might be big on display features. So make a note of all the features that you are looking for and make a choice accordingly.
  • The Operating Software: Many a times a cheap mobile phone might come with an option of slightly inferior operating software. Don’t just be swayed by the price advantage in the bargain. Remember an operating software that does not have wide spread adaptability could significantly narrow down your work scope using the phone. Compared to that a phone which h might be a little higher priced but one equipped with better, flexible and wide ranged operating software will help the user optimise the efficiency of the phone.
  • The Environment To Work In: There are some mobile phones which could be equipped better to perform in a specific technological environment compared to others. So take note of the functions that you expect to perform and the conditions under which you might use the phone to rightly ascertain its true worth. If you buy a cheap mobile phone and have to buy two more to suit different places or networks that you access, the whole idea of the price advantage would be completely lost and you will end up paying even more than what you had originally envisaged.
  • Battery Life: Imagine you buy a cheap mobile phone and then spend a fortune looking for spare batteries, mobile chargers and many other such paraphernalia. In that aspect it is much better to fork out a couple of hundred bucks extra and go for one with a distinctively pronounced long battery life. This will help you enjoy the benefits that your mobile phone offers unhindered and for a relatively longer duration without any hassle or unnecessary worry.


The cardinal rule while deciding on a good and most sold mobile phone is that you look for options that give you a distinctive price advantage without in anyway compromising on the features that might be crucial for you.

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