How to Build a Successful Instagram Account From Scratch?


Building your own success is work, guys. So if you are not ready for some brainstorm and workout, do not hope for getting real results. If you want to strive forward, prepare yourself to accomplish all the following tips. They are generated based on my personal experience and show real results.

I will tell you how to build a strategy, how to choose the time to post, why to use Instagram automation tools (like Ingramer, for instance), and what tags to choose. Be ready to use your gray matter!

Develop a Strategy

Strategy. That’s a familiar word, but what it actually means in case of Instagram promo campaign?

  • What aim do you pursue?
  • Detailed overview of your Target Audience. What people will be interested in you and your content;
  • How will you introduce yourself to the public (your username, avatar, and bio);
  • The visual concept of your content. Choose a single style of your profile (it can be romantic in light and pink colors or a gloomy and enigmatic one);
  • Lists of accounts, thematic communities, and other places of your TA gathering on Instagram. Where can you find your TA?

For sure, you should clearly understand what you want to achieve and how fast and only then you can make up some plan. Once you finalize your strategy, start making up your content plan.

Create a Content Plan

A content plan is a time-ordered scheme of publications: photos, advertising posts, entertaining, and informative materials.

The plan helps to solve the following problems:

  • the formation of a full, interesting Feed;
  • creating a positive image of your brand/personal brand;
  • active interaction with the audience;
  • content performance analytics;
  • the attraction of new supporters.

Draw up a preliminary publication program for the month editing and amplifying it every week:

1.Determine the frequency of publications and their time;

2.Write down the main theses – the type of publication, its volume and other details;

3.Enter the data in the table for a better visual perception of information;

4.Describe the necessary photo content. Image sizes are a brief description, using filters, labels;

5.Add hashtags. I will speak about them later, so read till the end.

Follow Your Content Plan No Matter What

Created content plan disciplines, facilitates work, helps to make posts more diverse and not miss a key point. A quality content plan will turn a regular social network account into an effective marketing tool.

The critical point is to publish content on time. I know, sometimes you can forget about posting, or say Yes to some procrastination. For that, make a habit of using a service of scheduled posting. Write create your posts in advance, fix the time, and save it for a tool can publish it automatically later.

And how to choose the most suitable time for posting? Just analyze your audience! At what time of the day it usually open the IG app and start scrolling the Feed?

And remember, No Drunkbooking!

Grow Your Community

There are two most effective (and my favorite) methods to do it: mass liking and following and hashtags.

Should I explain how mass liking and following work? Yeah, the more users you like and follow, the more numerous your community becomes. That’s obvious that to reach a larger scale, you need to optimize the process somehow. That’s why wise people use automation tools to do that. Such a tool implements the algorithms thanks to which the attraction of only target audience within IG limits is possible.

Everybody knows what hashtag is, but few people know how to use them right. My advice is to try to avoid popular tags as #love and #picoftheday and use more thematic and narrow tags. You can easily find them by using the hashtags generator. Thus, that’s an excellent economy of time.

Make Your Followers Loyal

You can do that by communicating with your followers, through Direct Messages, Live broadcasting, and Comments.

Broadcasting live makes the linkage between you and your followers closer. You show your real face, they are free to comment on what they see and ask questions. Just like the real conversation.

Leave pleasant comments for your audience, and they are likely to do the same. And If you contact them via DMs, that’s twice better. Again, if you want the communication to start easier and with more people at once, use services for the automation of such activity. That’s the most rational decision.

Monitor Your Account Activity

You need to analyze the results of every step you take within your promotion strategy. Track the number of follows/unfollows, new comments, views, the number of post shares. It’s better to do that on a regular basis to get the info from the spot.

If you see that the activity of your audience leaves something to be desired, your policy is not perfect. Thus, you will be able to remodel your strategy, find new ways for account advertising.

Remember, we learn by doing, achieve by pursuing. I wish you good luck and great Instagram success!