How to Avoid Getting Stressed Due to Delayed Shipments to Customers


When you run a business that depends on e-commerce platforms, you have to pay attention to the speed of delivering your products to customers. You don’t want any delay. They might complain about it. If you keep on delaying the arrival of their orders, they might decide to look for other companies to trust. If there are constant issues with delivery, it can be stressful. These are some tips to help you avoid getting stressed out due to delayed shipments.

Look for another delivery company 

If the problem is with your chosen delivery company, it’s easy to find a replacement. There are other delivery companies out there that can do a better job. From packing to the delivery of your customers’ orders, you won’t have any issues. You can also sign an agreement with a fulfilment company to avoid the potential consequences of any delays.

Change your suppliers

If you’re selling products as a retailer, the delay might also be due to your suppliers. If there are constant issues with the arrival of your order, you might have to search for a new supplier. Find a better company to partner with. While the price is an essential factor to consider, it’s not the only one. If you can no longer trust your supplier to deliver on time, it might be time for a change.

Invest in tracking software

It’s easy to find tracking software that allows you to determine where the order is. If your customers call and inquire about the delayed delivery, you will immediately know where it is. You can follow up with the right people. Since tracking software is already popular these days, it’s more affordable.

Hire customer service employees 

It’s frustrating if you are always on the receiving end of complaints regarding the delayed arrival of orders. Instead of facing all these questions, you can ask someone else to do the job. Invest in quality customer service employees. They will respond to phone calls and emails. If there are frustrated customers because of their orders, they will respond. Your employees will coordinate with the right people to guarantee the speedy delivery of the orders. They will also pacify the customers if they feel frustrated. 

Learn from the mistakes

If you’re still starting the business, it’s natural to make mistakes. You can get everything right for the first few months. The good thing is that you can always learn from experience. Determine the issues faced when running the business. Implement some changes if you have to. Don’t let these mistakes define your company. 

It’s also important to listen to your customers. They should feel that you address their concerns. Product quality isn’t the only factor considered when buying items online. These customers will also look at how quick the business is in addressing their issues. Once you managed to have a loyal base, your company will keep on raking profits. Don’t forget to ask your customers to fill out survey forms or invite them for a focus group discussion to determine how they feel about your business.