How SMBs can benefit from Managed WordPress Hosting


In India, the Small and Medium Business (SMB) sector has seen a phenomenal growth in the last few years. Since digital technology and internet are undeniably the biggest drivers of the economy, most businesses are developing websites and mobile applications to engage with their customers.  Since its launch, WordPress has grown to be a favorite Content Management System (CMS) platform, especially for SMBs due to the simplicity and ease of use there is also a constant debate about opting for Managed WordPress hosting plans as opposed to the regular hosting options like cloud/VPS/Shared, etc. In this article, we will look at the benefits offered by the best managed WordPress hosting plans to SMBs.

Best Support and Maintenance for WordPress sites

As the name suggests, Managed WordPress Hosting plans have a dedicated team of experts managing all the technical and maintenance aspects of your WordPress site. They also serve as a single point contact for all your support needs. When you run a website, there are times when you need support for various technical issues that can arise due to a variety of reasons. In managed WP plans a team of experts manages your account and offer support also, query resolution is fast and effective.

Further, running the maintenance tasks on your WP website like checking for updates for all themes and plugins used by you, optimizing the WP-database, taking regular backups, etc. can consume a lot of your time. The team of experts in managed WordPress hosting plans ensure that all these tasks are taken off your task-list, freeing up your time. This means you can focus on the core business rather than worrying about the technical aspects of running a website.

This is especially important for SMBs since they usually don’t have a large team of IT professionals managing the technical aspects of the business.

Scalability and Security

Being an SMB means that you have a lot of scope for growth. It also means that your website might need additional resources if the traffic to your website experiences a sudden spike. With managed WordPress hosting, such requirements can be handled by instantly scaling up your RAM/CPU through the account support team.

Also, with the team keeping a tab on your site’s security, you need not worry about looking at server logs, running malware scans, keeping the firewalls optimized, etc. Also, in case of a breach, the support team helps you recover and restore your website.


SMBs are generally dynamic enterprises that require a hosting plan that can offer access and support to the developer-friendly features. Like SSH, composer, HeidiSQL, etc. Managed WordPress hosting plans offer the required access and support to these features along with the facility to test out new features of your website by running various versions of WP between multiple staging environments. The account management team can also help you identify plugins that are best suited for your website.

Summing up

These are the main benefits that a Managed WordPress Hosting plan will provide. It is a step in a right direction to get a tailor-made hosting plan, especially if you are a SMB. The Managed WP hosting plans can help you unleash the true potential of WordPress CMS. In case you have further queries, doubts, or suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.