How Rural Businesses Can Get Found


Just a few decades ago it would have seemed unthinkable that a business on Main Street could compete in the global marketplace. True, while many rural and small town businesses don’t necessarily want or have the means to do business with countries around the planet, they can still make their presence known in ways they couldn’t before and increase their business locally simply by following these tips.


Create a Website

Rural businesses may not require an elaborate website, but even a modest one will suffice in most instances. Most people have become comfortable using the internet to locate both products and services. Not being on the internet today is a bit like not being listed in the Yellow Pages twenty years ago. In order to be found, your business needs to be where people look—and that is on the internet.


Use Email

Typically on your website, you will include a contact section. Listing an email address allows people to contact your business anytime. While telephones are still a viable means of contact, an email allows customers to send you scans of receipts or inventory lists or anything they need in order to conduct business with you. In fact, email is just another means to facilitate business. You can easily procure an email address with your local internet provider such as Dell Gines Internet.


How Rural Businesses Can Get Found


Use Social Media

Social media websites are wonderful places to market your products or services. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are easy for businesses to use. A simple profile can generate traffic for your website and ultimately increase your business. Use the social networks to notify people of sales or upcoming events. Perhaps your business is moving or expanding; why not communicate this over social media sites? This communication keeps your brand in people’s minds and informs your clients and customers about important changes.


Maintain a Blog

A blog is a great way to improve your business’s page rankings. A good page rank means that internet searchers are more likely to easily find your business. By providing relevant content in a blog on a regular basis, you increase the likelihood of a good page rank. Moreover, it’s a great platform to communicate with your staff and customers. You can talk about issues in your industry or in your business. You can also invite feedback and comments to promote an ongoing dialogue.


Not everything is Digital!

It may seem like it’s all about the internet, but rural businesses can also benefit from some old fashioned ways to get themselves noticed. Many towns now have farmers markets. Why not set up a booth or table with your business cards, samples, or even products for sale. It’s typically inexpensive to procure a spot at these informal markets and it can lead to many new and interested customers. Having brochures and flyers can also help spread the word about your company.


A rural business has many avenues today to showcase its services and make its presence known. By tapping into the internet, it can access a wide array of tools to grow business and operate it more effectively.