Black hat SEO VS White hat SEO – Tricks for Better Optimization


Black hat and white hat are the terms used to denote the legal & illegal techniques of Search engine optimization. Few years back there was not a big difference between SEO practices however after the release of Google animal updates one has to draw a thick line between the black and white hat SEO practices. After all it is the matter of survival. Today Google Webspam team is committed to offer visitors with most relevant search results therefore any technique to manipulate search results is susceptible to Google penalty. Below are some major black and white hat SEO techniques with their potential effects.


Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are spamming techniques aimed at manipulating the search results. These techniques seems to be very attractive as they can give quick result with minimum efforts, however one should remember that you will be definitely punished for it; either in shape of penalty or site de-index.


White hat SEO

White hat SEO techniques are legitimate techniques that are encouraged by the search engine. White hat SEO is safest practice that can better optimize your blog. However like every legitimate thing, white hat SEO demands more time & efforts. Now-a-days white hat SEO is the best way to optimize your blog with time, efforts and investment security, therefore more and more people prefer this optimization technique.


Black hat SEO VS White hat SEO


Black hat SEO techniques that needs to be avoided


1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means the excessive use of targeted keyword in order to get higher ranking in the search results. For example, “iPhone 5 is the latest model of iPhones, This iPhone has panorama feature that improve makes this iPhone unique iPhone”. Such keyword stuffing can be lower search ranking therefore it is not recommended.


2. Hidden Content

Some People use hidden content in order device search engine to rank them better for the hidden keywords. Such keywords are not visible to the reader but are readable by the search engines.


3. Link Farming

There are many blogs and article directories where you can get hundred of links however such links will pass no value because they are considered as bad neighbors. Therefore it is recommended to check the credibility of a blog or directory before getting link form it. Links from directories that offers backlinks to porn, Gambling or other low quality sites can be destructive.


4. Meta keywords

Similar to keyword stuffing where keywords are excessively used within the content body, Meta keywords can also devalue the SEO if they are misused. Adding many irrelevant Meta keywords or tags are considered black hat techniques and can bring down your blog.


5. Dooraway Pages

Pages that do not contain required information which directs visitors to another targeted page are known as dooraway pages. The webmaster tries to play double trick with this technique

1. They get higher ranking for particular keyword
2. They direct user to sales or subscription page. As this technique do not offer relevant search results and cause bad user experience therefore such technique falls under black hat.


White hat SEO techniques that needs to be followed


1. Quality inbound links

Getting few quality links from good quality high authority sites are considered as white hat SEO. Google prefer one link from high authority site on thousand links form low quality sites.


2. Right use of Keywords & Keyword Density

Use of right keywords after the proper search is white hat technique that really pays off. One needs to search and select proper keywords to make them optimize. Likewise one should work on the keyword density in order to improve search rank. Keyword density should not be more than 2% – 3% of article word count.


3. Title & URL Structure

The keywords should be shown in the Title section as well in the post URL. This allows search engines to crawl your page for the particular search results.


4. Quality Content

Quality content matters from the perspective of both readers and search engines. Search engine prefers fresh, unique and informative content. If you are offering all these stuff so search engines will automatically improve your keyword rank.


5. Social signals

Social signals are new but very effective white hat SEO method. All you need to is to share your articles on social bookmarking and social networking sites that is cheap and very simple.