How does a CISS printer works?


Technology is something that has the ability to surprise us and the best example of it was the invention of the mobile phones. Most of us still remember when the first mobile phone was introduced and all of us were excited and nervous at the same time. The nervousness was simply because of the fact that we were not familiar with the technology and we all know the reason for the excitement. However, with time we get used to it and today is the time when we cannot imagine a single day without the mobile phone. This is simple because we have realized the value and importance of this technology.

The reference of the mobile phone invention is just to make readers realize that the technology can take time to get fit in your life. Coming to the printers, there was time when not all of us has a printer attached to our computers. But with the time, we started to realize the importance of the printers and today it has become another essential part of our daily lives. We cannot even imagine a single day at office without the printers.

The one problem that we are still facing with the printers is the amount that we spent on it. For daily printer users it goes up to few thousand dollars per year. But fortunately, the technology come to the rescue again as it has introduced the CISS printers that can save a considerable amount for the printer users. CISS basically stands for continuous ink supply system and as the name suggests it offers the users with the continuous supply of the ink with which they cannot only save time but can get the most effective results as well.

The continuous ink supply system is designed for all users but the bulk printers can get the most out of this technology. This is because this printer device is configured to deliver the high volume of the ink to the small printhead and this helps the user to enjoy the unlimited printing without have to change the cartridges on the regular basis. The source of the ink will be a continuous flow system that will be located just outside the printer. It will basically a set of outboard printing bottles that will be connected to the ink printhead.

The aim of this new technology is basically to help printer users to save money that they spent on the printer’s ink. It is very much possible that most of the people might get little nervous while hearing about this system as it is a little complicated to understand but just like mobile phones they will; definitely get used to it in the long run. To minimize this nervousness, we will educate the readers about how this CISS works and how it helps the printer user saving money on the printing ink.Lets start with how it actually works.

How CISS printer works?

We all know that there are cartridges in the printers that provides the ink for the printing purposes. These cartridges work similar to a water dispenser. You are required to change the water bottle of the dispenser whenever it gets empty. Similarly, the printer takes the ink from the cartridges and ejects it on the paper. This is as simple as opening the faucet of the water dispenser. However, the amount of the ink that cartridges carry is not similar to the bottle of the dispenser. It can carry only a small amount of ink that is good for printing several pages. This means that you have to change or refill the cartridges more often as the ink inside the cartridges runs out quickly. But is there any way to increase the storage of the cartridges? Increasing the size of cartridges can help in increasing the storage capacity for ink but the size will not get fit in to the printer. The only solution to this problem is the continuous ink supply system. If the printer is the dispenser and the cartridge is the water bottle then the continuous ink supply system will work as a water tank. You will be connecting the dispense with the water tank which means that you will not have to change the water bottle very often. By installing the CISS to the printer you will extend the cartridge and will attach it to the external ink tank with the help of tube or hose. Check out Petagadget for more extensive info.

Now whenever your printer requires to print a page, the cartridge of the printer will take the ink from the tank. The cartridge will continuously supply the ink to the printer and the used ink will get replaced by the ink in the tank. Usually a tank contains the ink equivalent to 40 cartridges and you don’t even have to disturb the size of the cartridge.

Another best thing is that you don’t have to make an effort of changing the bottle of the dispenser all the time. You just have to refill the tank and this is more convenient then changing the bottle. Refill the tank whenever the ink gets low in the tank. This is how you can enjoy unlimited printing with your printer.

However, the printer head can wear out after a specific time and you are then required to change the cartridge or the printer head. In case you plan to change or replace your printer you can simply transfer the continuous ink system to the new printer. With CISS you don’t have to but the ink cartridges and all you have to do is to keep the external tank filled with ink and you are good to get the unlimited prints.

The continuous ink system is undoubtedly economical and affordable and it is best for students, professionals and bulk printers. With a fraction of investment, you can print as many documents as possible. Not only affordable but it also helps the printer users to save the ink. The best part is that it doesn’t affects the quality of the prints and the convenience of refilling is always there. The CISS are now compatible with most of the different models of printers available in the market. However, you can take help of the internet about how to install a CIS system to your printer. We hope that the working flow of the cis system helped you to understand how it can help you in saving your precious time and effort. We believe that continuous ink system is not a bad investment at all and all the printer users should have consider it if they really want to make a difference in their over all printing experience.