Google Instant Changes the SEO Game


In September 2010, Google Instant was launched. It is a feature displaying suggestions while a user types a search topic. The creators have stated that the purpose of Google Instant is saving 2 to 5 seconds time in every user search, which would collectively save almost 11 million seconds every hour.Experts of Search engine marketing are speculating that Google Instant will greatly influence both local search and paid search.


However, one thing is certain that the Google Instant feature will prominently change the way we look for information on the internet. Earlier you typed into Google, then pressed enter or clicked the, and a list of results were shown. Now Google users see a probable results list which changes according to what they type. Google treats this as an important step towards revolutionizing search. Two and five seconds per search saves 11 hours per second all around the world. This is quite expected from a company, which looks to online search as effective as possible.


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The people from the field of internet marketing have been careful in their reaction to Google instant. SEO professionals, who try to give websites a good position in Google search rankings, and Internet marketers who try to place their sites in Google’s ‘Sponsored Links’, have expressed their concerns about this new development. Some are predicting that online marketing will never be the same.


The Concern is not at all without reason. Even a Small change by Google has the potential to change the nature of online business, resulting in break down for many. However, the worry is misplaced. Google Instant has changed the user interface of the search engine. But there has been no change in the basic system of Google that determines the search results. Suppose you are searching for “Computer Games”. You can type it in instant Google and in the original mode as well by turning off the instant option. In both cases the displayed result list will be the same. While you are using Google Instant, before typing the word ‘game’, you will come across results for computer hardware, software etc. Therefore SEOs who are involved with the term “Computer Games”, does not have much to worry about.


Some are worried that Google is personalizing the search results and also localizing it. But it must be remembered that Google is personalizing search results for Gmail users since 2005; and for non Gmail users since 2009. SEO’s are already habituated in dealing with personalized search.


Rather than the worry from Optimizers it is more important to consider the change is user search behavior brought about by the arrival of Google instant. It is likely that searches will become more specific. There is a probability that the first few spots in the search result lists will become more important. It is possible that users will look at only the top 4-5 spots and not below that. Google Instant is not here to destroy SEO’s.


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