Getting the Job of Your Dream: Easy Steps for Making an Impressive Portfolio

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If you wish to enter the faculty associated with the design, architecture and other art professions, you need to create a portfolio. It is intended to show the admission committee what you are capable of. Is there a formula for drawing up a successful portfolio? Of course, there are no ‘right only’ patterns. But there are some things that are worth considering.

What to include?

It all depends on what you intend to study. Do you dream of animation? So, prepare a 30-second film. If you are going to enter the Fine Arts faculties, draw with a pencil, paint on the canvas, create a sculpture, then prepare albums with selected sketches, drawings or sculptures. It should be devoted to the direction which you are engaged in. And it must show all your skills.

In general terms

Once you have decided on the university and course, you need to think about how best to present yourself. The purpose of it is to demonstrate the future teachers your methods, ideas, concepts and, of course, style. In short, they should make sure that you have a wide potential. In all the creative high schools they don’t teach the very basics. Therefore, the selection committee should understand that deals with a man well prepared. That is, no matter how strange it sounds, only those students are entitled to learn a profession who already possess some basics in it.

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Submission form

In different universities they have different forms of presenting a portfolio. In some universities the author shows their work commissions by themselves. In others, it should be sent by mail. It’s hard to say which option is better. In the first case, the applicant has an opportunity to explain their ideas and somehow influence the commission with personal charm can. And there’s no need in turning to research paper writing service to edit your speech, you can do on your own!

In the second case, the commission makes the choice quite impartially. In general, most art schools prefer the second version of portfolio assessment.

General requirements

It is important that all the work in your portfolio were clear without accompanying certificates. Only admitted are notes such as the date of creation of the work and material. Works or their photos must be in the required scale. Be sure to check all the conditions (size and number of pieces) on the university website. There you find out what are the deadlines for application.


It’s not necessary to have the works in chronological order. But keep in mind that the special attention of the commission is drawn to recent creations that show your skills at the moment. In addition, teachers are advised to place the strongest work in the beginning of the album, because the first impression is decisive. Also select the strongest project of two or three.


  • Portfolio should be both succinct and concise. That is, one work has to show both your technical abilities and your creativity.
  • Everything must be executed carefully and cleanly.
  • When compiling a portfolio, show your imagination. An original, dynamic album is remembered better.
  • Be a single whole with your project. Do not worry. Of course, you need to create a portfolio so that it shows your best side, and you do like it. However, do not try to jump over your head and make an album at the Tate Gallery level.


Keep in mind that after sending your portfolio to the university, you are not always able to get it back. That’s why universities prefer to receive copies or photos, not the originals.