Geekiest Tech Gadgets of August 2011


Geeks love gadgets very much, everyone knows it. It’s hard to separate both of them from each other. There are lots of technology related gadgets which attract these geeks most. Very much reason behind this may be like these interesting tech gadgets, geeks are too interesting with some flavor of mystery. What they do, why they do this or how they do this, all are just mystery for us. From the passing month of August 2011, we collected some gadgets or technology devices which may be lovable for geeks like you. I think these may be the best and interesting devices to explore your nerdishness. Not only these gadgets are for geeks but other people also find these useful in their daily life. They can do their simple work in style with the use of these geekiest tech gadgets of the month august 2011.


1. Loewe Reference

A perfect corps de ballet from the Loewe for your living room is the Loewe Reference. This includes a 52” HD LCD TV which has a side width of a mere 60 mm displays images at 200Hz technology. Along with a Dolby 5.1 system an integrated media center allows you to store content of up to 500GB and record live TV. A complete home entertainment system, the Loewe reference is available to you for INR 2,68,300 only.
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2. Acer Iconia 6120

Acer Iconia 6120 comes with two sided 14” screen, unlike normal laptop but it gives a look of traditional laptop. It equipped with older generation of Intel Core i5- 480M, 4GB DDR3 RAM and runs Windows 7 Home Premium. The best part of its experience is its virtual keyboard which can be activated by touching your 10 fingers at the base screen. While typing it makes audible clicking sound. Placing your 5 fingers on this touch screen activates Acer Ring, where you can find all of your photos, videos or the Touch Browser in which web page extends on the both touch screen. It comes with USB 3.0 port which is the future of current USB 2.0 port. Its PC Mark vantage score was 3544 – lower than a Core i3 – 2310M processor based laptops. This product targets the lifestyle oriented audience and it will cost you around INR 69,999 only.
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3. Tag Heuer Link Smartphone

It will be the little bit surprise for the people because Tag Heuer is a premium watch maker company but this time, it’s launching its brand new smartphone – Link Smartphone. This is made of lot of steel material and Alligator skin. Tag Heuer brings its watch’s waterproof and shock resistance technology to the smartphone. It supports a 3.5” Gorilla glass screen, and it runs on Android 2.2 – Froyo. Other specifications are – 5 MP camera, 256 MB internal memory expandable up to 8GB (not promising in today’s scenario) and it will cost you INR 3,50,000 only.
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4. Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field

The most rugged PC tablet the H1 Field tablet from Panasonic is truly made of magnesium alloy which gives it all weather durability. A 10.4” sunlight viewable screen lets you work and play in extreme conditions. Two fast charging hot swappable batteries ensure you never run out of juice on your device. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a smart card reader. It is available for INR 1,50,329 only.
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5. Nokia Oro

This is a limited edition smartphone by Nokia. The 18 karat gold plated Oro is studded with sapphire crystals. Only a handful of these would be available at the end of this year. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any ads of this beauty then you’re probably living on the wrong side of the earth. It runs Anna- the latest version of Symbian and features a 3.5” display with an 8-megapixel camera, you can grab all these for INR 50,120 only.
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This is a mobile phone featuring a full PC version of Windows© 7, make me take notice. It’s being dubbed as the world’s smallest PC. It runs on an Intel Atom Z600 processor with hyper threading support and can dual boot into Symbian. The phone is unveiled with a price of $860 and is a Japan only release.
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7. Terminator Skull DVD Player

According to my opinion, this is the one collectable item for all terminator fans who would love to own it. It seems like the deceased T101’s remains are still around and have been turned into a DVD player. We don’t know it this is an insult to the late warrior bot or a homage but it’s shiny and the exoskeleton’s eyes glow red while its head opens up to insert DVDs. Contact Skynet for price and availability.
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