The Most Popular Games for Your iPad & iPhone


With digital music, videos and books tucked inside your iOS device’s slim form, you have plenty of choices for entertainment. But if you want to play instead of just sitting back and pushing Play, your phone or tablet makes a nice high-definition game console as well. You can zap zombies, thwart governments, and channel your inner Dale Earnhardt Jr. You can also relive your glory days at the arcade. With Apple Game Center – you can discover new games and share your game experiences with friends around the world, invite your friends to play, or use auto match to find other worthy opponents or check leader boards to see who the best players are. Some games work flawlessly; while some may be a little more unstable acting erratically; bombing out on you and frustrating you especially if you have paid much for them. In general if a game begins to crash on you, uninstall it and return to the App Store and re-download the game to see if that clears things up.


The App store has just about every type of games you can think of; casual games, action games, arcade games, shooter games, goofy games, mind-numbingly-repetitious-but-still-better games, and old favorites. Apple adds new games every week, so if you’re serious about gaming, it’s worth a regular visit to keep an eye out for new releases. Now moving on the games – following is the list of iPad and iPhone games which are quite popular among Apple users.


1. Angry Birds

Dangerously addictive but deceptively simple, Angry Birds lets you use cartoon birds as weaponized projectiles in an escalating war against a posse of egg stealing green pigs. Revenge relies on vectors and basic principles of physics, but the gist is to use a slingshot to angle an angry bird at the smug little pigs.



2. Doodle Jump

One of the top grossing apps of all time, Doodle Jump remains as compelling as ever. Tilt your phone to guide the adorably long snouted Doodler as he climbs a piece of graph paper, All the while dodging black holes, shooting monsters, and picking up goodies.


3. Fruit Ninja

Who knew that a Ninja’s worst enemy could be fruit? Apparently, half brick studio, the developer of this popular game. Just swipe your finger to cleave flying fruit in two, ideally before they hit the ground.


4. Real Racing HD 2

One of the few games designed specifically to take advantage of the faster graphics chip in the iPad 2, the visuals in Real Racing 2 are the best way to show off what your new iPad 2 is capable of.


5. God Finger

Keep your followers healthy and working; create buildings, farms, and taverns for you peasants to enjoy. Control the weather and become the dictator of your own little world.


6. The Horrible Vikings

A trajectory game steeped in style, Launch your Vikings to hit enemies and items alike. A full upgrade system and use of power ups adds nice depth.


7. Zenonia 2

Follow up to the hit action RPG Zenonia. With more playable classes, abilities, item, story and artwork, this is a must have for RPG fans.


8. Cut the Rope

Angry Birds dominated the Apps Store in 2010 but cut the rope – an equally addictive puzzle like game – gave it a run for its money at the end of the year. Featuring Om Nom – a wee green creature with none of the rage of the Angry Birds but all of the aww! Factor – cut the Rope requires players to maneuver a piece of hard candy through a maze of obstacles and rope cutting and into the open mouth of an eager Om Nom.



9. GeoDefense Swarm

The principle is simple – stop the creatures by blasting them with strategically places cannons before they reach your base. When it comes with to the gameplay itself, things can quickly – but entertainingly – spiral out of control.


10. Trenches

Fun side-scrolling strategy game where you employ the use of soldier, machine guns, rifles and bombs to destroy your enemy.


11. Pocket Legends

This MMORPG deserves attention for an ambitious endeavor. Choose a class and work on leveling up, meeting strangers, and battling enemies.


12. Jenga HD

May be racing games and first person zombie mutant shooters aren’t your cup of tea – so how about a game of Jenga instead? The official Jenga HD app didn’t require an update to take advantage of the iPad 1’s new gyroscope – it turns out the developer NaturalMotion had already baked it into their last update.


13. Scrabble

Hasbro’s iPhone app version of Scrabble might be even better than Grandpa’s board version. You can match wits against the computer, against online opponents, or against your friends via Facebook, Scrabble pros can have up to 50 games going at once, while newbies will appreciate the game’s learning tools, including a teacher mode and cheater option, which allows the computer to choose the highest score word for you.



14. Parachute Ninja

Fling your ninja ball through the air in this interesting platform. Reach higher and higher platforms, while avoiding obstacles and enemies.


15. Rage HD

Although it hasn’t been updated since December, id Software’s universal Rage HD already has gyroscope support built in for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch. So that means yes, Virginia, it also works on the iPad 2. You would have to enable the gyroscope from the options so you can hold your tablet in front of you like a virtual window and kill bloodthirsty mutants with full gyroscopic control.



16. Chaos Rings

There are very few games prices above $10 and these sold really well, a deep RPG with fantastic graphics from Square Enix.


17. Rhythm Spirit

A rhythm fighting game based on Japanese folklore. Very unique with top-notch production values, can’t go wrong with ninjas, fighting, and awesome music.


18. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Yes, there’s an iPad only HD version of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus available at the same price, but Gameloft has yet to update it with gyroscopic control. In the meantime the iPhone/iPod touch version works just fine on the iPad 2. Where it also takes advantage of the tablet’s new gyroscope abilities, although it’s a trade-off, since playing the game in 2x mode makes the graphic look worse.


19. Archetype

One of the best 3D arena shooters for the iPhone, smooth multiplayer and easy handling. If you’re going to play a first person shooter on the go, this is the one you should try. Go ahead Charlie…


20. Monkey Island 2

Sequel to one of the best adventure games ever released, more humor, puzzles and story that we’ve come to expect from this classic series.