Let the World Know You through Email Marketing: Email Marketing Tips


Gone are the days of distributing pamphlets describing the How, What & Why of a product? The world is getting smarter everyday, so is marketing. The newest tool being email marketing, slowly and steadily more and more business and companies are endearing e-business as their lifestyle and mode of campaign. However, it is not as easy as it sounds in this article. There is more than just the conventional How’s or what’s when it comes to email marketing!


Email Marketing Tips



Presentation is the last and final word

Make the email campaign sellable and well organized with an appropriate header, subject, body and conclusion. Not the tail to start with and the head to end. In an email you don’t get all that wide space to use repetitive words, lines or points. With whatever space to spare and those KBs used, the email needs to be framed in the most crisp ever form. You might be doing the campaign of an airplane or a mosquito repellant, thumb rule remains the same. Presentation! Introduce yourself in the first few lines. Devote the next few to surface your agenda/ target or as one would say, venture. Next comes, the catch. As to why the end user should think the e-mail to be of some value and know throw it away to the trash. Explain what he should be expecting out of the email and why chose “it” over something else.


No Photos please

Images are NO straight from the word GO !Emails with images are treated as spam and might not even reach the targeted recipient’s inbox, in case of a smart user who has set filters or rules to receive such emails straight to the Spam box, these emails would be delivered right there! Some email service providers or mail clients do block images from displaying, making the email nothing less than a “Junk e-mail”. Instead, implement some innovatively coded html devoid of flashy imagery or adulterated stuff until and unless you are selling… Errrr!!! This will consume a lot of bandwidth and take considerably long for any user on a not so fast internet connection. Or even have access related issues if using an office provided e-mail setup. Never send just a big, fat image with meager lines. That acts as a spoiler and only response you might get from the end user is Shift – Delete!


Ask Questions which matters

You don’t have all day to spare, so no point beating around the bush. Ask the Big questions? Questions related to the product and after sales and what the users might be expecting out of you. You need to set right expectations. You can’t give them lemons by promising a Cola. And they must not Google around to find answers to those questions asked, answers should be ready fed in the content itself.


Scheduled email delivery

Receiving the same email everyday, might just add to the frustration of the end user. Put yourself into their shoes and re-think the schedule for sending the marketing emails. Twice a week or once in 3 days is considered a good rate. Definitely, it goes without saying that the content of the email needs to be unique from the previous.
Think smart, act wise. Email marketing is the way IT should be done!


Final Words

Email marketing is a growing market and if you get into it now and follow the tips which have been given in this post, you can become a nice Email marketer. You have to make sure that you work in Email marketing with concentration because it is required. Well, that is quite it for this post.

Do share what you feel about this post in the comments. If you have ever tried Email marketing, share your experience with it. Share your opinion about Email marketing and this post in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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