Eight Tips on How to Get a Discounted Flight Upgrade

Discounted Flight

Many travellers nowadays still cannot afford business class flights, as the airfare is pretty high. Of course, business class tickets are not cheap, but there is always a great chance to grab a discounted upgrade and enjoy your flight to the full.

The following are a few practical and time-tested recommendations by http://cheapfirstclass.com/ that will help you get discounted upgrades on premium class flights.

Discounted Flight


Join a Frequent Flyer Program

The easiest way to get discounted upgrades is to become a member of a frequent flyer program and start earning air miles or points. These miles allow getting a special status and discounts on the future flights. Air miles awarded for each flight can be exchanged on a discounted upgrade. Of course, there is no point in joining a frequent flyer program if you do not fly often and most of your flights are domestic. Otherwise saying, to to earn points and discounts, you need to fly a lot.

Find Someone Who Can Help

Finding special offers or discounts can be pretty difficult if you know nothing or little about the airline industry. Thus, if you know someone working in this area (for example, in the airline or even at the check-in desk) use this for your own benefit. An insider can always inform you about the best deals available.  

Never Waste Miles on Short-Haul Upgrades

Spending an hour or two in a couch is not as tiresome as suffering more than seven hours in a tight economy class seat on a long-haul route. So, do not waste your miles on short-haul or domestic upgrades. Better reserve them for long-haul flights, when an additional level of comfort is crucial more than ever.   

Look for Free Upgrades

Although free upgrades are not given right and left, they are definitely not a fib. The latest statistics shows that nearly one out of five passengers have got free upgrades within the last 2 years. In 2014, 16 percent of flyers were blessed with free upgrades. So, try your luck and always look for free upgrades. Getting a free upgrade is possible if:

  • your seat is occupied
  • you are a member of a frequent flyer program
  • your seat or entertainment system is broken or does not work properly
  • you ask for an upgrade the last minute
  • you are on  honeymoon or celebrate any special occasion.

These are only a few cases when you can get a free upgrade, however these circumstances do not always guarantee you a discounted business or first class seat.

Dress Nicely

If you expect to get an upgrade, be sure to dress nicely. Passengers dressed immaculately have  more chances to be upgraded than those dressed in casual, comfortable clothes. To be offered a seat in a premium class cabin, you need to look just like top-paying passengers.

Make a Boast of Your Anniversary or Honeymoon

If you are flying somewhere to get married, celebrate a jubilee, wedding anniversary, if you are on honeymoon, or if any other special occasion falls on the flight day, do not hesitate to tell the airline staff about this. Many airlines are ready to give their passengers a present in a form of a discounted upgrade. It goes without saying that if you are a loyal customer your chance of getting such a present is doubled. On the other hand, your special occasion does not guarantee you a seat in a premium class cabin.

Be Nice. Always Be Nice!

If you are smiley and polite to the check-in staff, they will answer all of your questions with pleasure and will do their best to help you. So, be nice!

To Wait Or to Ask? That is the Question.

Many passengers do not know what is better: to ask for an upgrade or to wait to be offered? Unfortunately, giving a universal answer to this question is impossible, as there are lots of factors that affect the possible sequence of events. If you decide not to wait and ask, always be polite and never argue with the airline staff.

Hopefully, one of the described methods of getting a discounted upgrade will work for you, and you will enjoy all the benefits of a premium class seat for less. Good Luck!