Definitive guide with strategies and tips for Youtube channels


Youtube is one of the most important social networks worldwide and usually marks often neglect this medium. Clearly it is easier to create content for networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but we cannot forget that YouTube helps us position ourselves and could be a source of much revenue for our companies. Through this guide I will share strategies, tactics and tips to take your Youtube channel to another level.

Data behind Monster Youtube

  • There are over one billion users
  • Every day you see hundreds of millions of hours and generate billions of reproductions
  • Every minute climb 300 hours of video
  • 50% of the reproductions are from mobile
  • Youtube is Available with the following 75 countries and in 61 languages
  • There are more than 1 million advertisers (most are small businesses


What use Youtube

Artists use these channels to share their music, youtubers to create content and connect with your audience and your brand you can use the platform to:

  • To improve brand positioning
  • To provide valuable content
  • To educate your customers and prospects
  • To provide entertainment content
  • To promote your products and services
  • To collaborations with prescribers Youtube

YouTube has for 2012 three billion daily visits, ie, almost half of the world population. Given this figure, companies visualized this page features a great potential for marketing strategies.  YouTube offers the possibility of providing audiovisual content economically and establish direct communication with customers and users, key issues that could not be achieved through other media. It’s a very good to get some reviews on your videos so initially buy views reviews will work for you.

Incorporate videos to your marketing strategy will help your brand has a higher and better presence. Here are some tips for your strategy to be successful:

  1. Striking Video: sure to catch the attention of users immediately, since the decision to watch or not the video is taken in the first few seconds of it. Great content will motivate see their material to finish, ensuring that is attracting the interest of potential customers.
  2. Content simple and concise: do simple and concise videos. On the Internet time is money and your users will want to see your message in the shortest possible time.
  3. Entertaining videos: video content, other than informative, can also be entertaining, try to be dynamic by incorporating graphics, music and video and audio effects. The mood is also recommended and promotes virility.
  4. Image and audio quality: are fundamental aspects in the decision to see whether or not a video . No sophisticated equipment is required to do, but the right tools. Besides a camera it is advisable to incorporate a professional microphone.
  5. Keywords: being part of Google, YouTube videos usually are in the top positions. However, do not forget to use keywords for better positioning.
  6. Link other content: Make the most of your video, place the link on their website, blog and promote it through email newsletters shipments.
  7. Analysis of the results: it is necessary to perform analysis of their videos, which will give a clear perception of the result of its strategy. YouTube, through the Insight feature provides statistics about the number of times your video and dwell time, among other data was observed.

YouTube is considered an excellent marketing tool, due to its great viral capacity. Users have the ability to export the videos to social networks and move to other websites and blogs. If you do not use this tool to promote your brand or content should be considered. You should take the professional youtube marketing service. A good service provider like BuyViews could be the good one for your video promotion.