Content Management in SharePoint


Companies generate and use tons of different content that should be properly organized and managed to stay useful. In SharePoint we also able to utilize such data as diagrams, photo & video files, audio, presentations, and documents. There are many tools provided for their effective management, but today we focus on the essentials designed by Virto Software.

Forms Designer

This tool enables SharePoint list items customization to the best advantage, as uses an intuitive drag & drop feature for creating functional and attractive forms. Combine or divide several fields and/or groups of information, add tabs and assign permissions for perfect customization. There are much more features in Forms Designer available here.

Solutions For Multimedia Management

In some occurrences, organizations need to work with images, audio, and video information. Image Slider provides a convenient representation of image files, a picture slideshow, right from your document library. In turn, Media Player enables playing video and audio right from a SharePoint site.

Embedded Graphics – jQuery Charts

An outstanding visualization tool for automatic graphics and charts creation based on different data sources like lists, XML, SQL-tables, etc. Lines, bars, and pie charts are available, with additional interface customization features, such as color-coding, auto scaling, and negative values enabling.

Custom Mask and Unique Field Web Part

This web part simplifies the data entering in two ways: by defining default masks for a specific data types, and by limiting the entering to the unique values only. As for the masks, it supports such field formats as text, site/list name and number, date/time, and existing column value in different availability scopes (list, site, site collection).

Cross-Site and Cascaded Lookup

Display an associated data from several SharePoint sources using existing data referencing across the current site or site collection. It also enables setting up dependencies like simple inheritance in order not to enter the same information in different fields twice. A convenient autocomplete feature, filtering and duplicates removal are also included.