Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website


Registering a domain name is an important step in starting a website. No matter what type of site you are opening – business, organization, blog, portfolio or e-commerce – a domain name is required to get your site on the internet.

Make Your Website Future Ready

If the domain name you want is available but your site isn’t ready yet, you can go ahead and purchase the domain. This will keep someone else from snatching it up. Instead of the “this domain is parked” page, you can upload a coming soon page that lists the name of your business and an estimated time of opening for your website.

Choosing bulk domain name registration is ideal if you plan on purchasing more multiple domains. Or you can buy short domains from websites like . Buying in bulk saves you money. Most domain registration companies offer a discount on mass domain.

If the domain name you want is already taken, you can do one of two things. The first is try to purchase the domain from the current owner. This is usually a long shot. Most domain owners don’t want to sell their domain. If they do want to sell, the price is usually rather high. The second option is to choose a different name. This could be difficult, especially if your company or brand or already well known. Renaming the site is usually not an ideal option, but it may be the only one you have left. Renaming your business or company before you have a web presence is often less costly in the long run then it is by having an unmatched domain and company name.

The actual registration process is rather quick and simple and can be completed through most web hosting sites. If you have the funds, you should go ahead a purchase other domains that resemble your chosen domain. Furthermore, you should purchase the chosen domain name on all extensions. While this isn’t necessary for blogs and personal sites, companies and e-commerce websites should take this extra step.

Before you go through with the domain name registration and ordering, make sure to read all the fine print in the agreement. I know it may seem long winded, but becoming familiar with the agreement will prevent any surprises from occurring if you break their terms of service (TOS). Not following the agreed upon terms could mean the possibility of losing your domain. If this happens, you usually won’t receive refund for the purchase. So you will be out the money as well as a domain name.