Business Cards Were Never This Much Riveting and Interesting Before


You hardly remember a food or a restaurant, unless the cuisine you had their leaves an after taste in your mouth, right? Same is the scenario while meeting somebody, especially for the business purposes today. In this time and age, networking seems to one common pursuit among different people. What are you going to leave, once the face to face encounter or the repartee is over? Do you have some sort of an after taste prepared? Something which will ensure that the meeting will not be discarded into a casual tête-à-tête and would actually yield poignant business? What if told you that today, it is possible for you to actually prepare a great “after taste:, the kind you would want to leave in the psyche of people you meet, and also can carry the same after taste in your pocket, wherever you go?


Business Cards Were Never This Much Riveting and Interesting Before


Intrigued much? We are actually talking about the same old golden business cards. After all, there is some good meaning in the saying “old is gold”. In the end, when it comes to networking, there is no better way to leave your essence back in the hands of the person you have just had a word with than to leave behind and intriguing and exciting business card; the keyword being interesting and exciting. Here is the list of innovating and out of the box business card design ideas. Follow through the list, you might get discover the ways to make your business card stand out and shine and make an undying impression on the prospects.


Putting a card within a card

So there was this particular storage company, specializing in the storage solutions and related organization equipment. What really was intriguing in their business card was the fact that the information was skillfully represented in bits and pieces, and each of the bits and pieces was folded in various pockets of the business card. It represented not just the contact information, but their attention to detail, creativity and innovation; needless to say, it pretty much sky-rocketed the sales.


Make your business card fly

Literally! – There was this one rather amusing business card design by Jeff Harrison for Norburn – a model aircraft company. The beautiful piece of art required sharp cutting around the contours and eventually, after arranging the pieces back together, it took the shape of an airplane – which could fly! Of course the same, very skillfully represented various details and contact information about the company.


Business card or a desktop chair?

Speaking about intriguing business card ideas, we dare not miss out on this one. The Bentply business card makes the best use of flexible plywood, and also displays what the business is capable of doing, along with revealing all of the necessity information. All that the customer or the prospect has to do is to take away the hashed area, and just follow the simple instructions. Assemble the pieces together and you have a beautiful chair waiting for you. Besides, the fascination with such a card would hardly ever fade away.


A wallet sized tool for bikes

Lastly, we leave you with this riveting business card developed to Broke Bike Alley, to promote their website, which strictly deals with different facets of the bike. It is build up of a strong metallic material, and the customers or the prospects would remember the website, each time they need to fix the nut while on a ride. Quite amusing and smart, isn’t it?


The bottom line here is that you need not view the business cards as an expense or a liability. Use them as wisely as you can, blend them with the USP of your company and they might be the perpetual marketing and promotional source for your business. These people have exploited the best of the potential of their business cards, have you?