BlackBerry Q10 – Welcome Keypad, Yet Again


BlackBerry Q10 is different from other phones of BlackBerry as is the first BB 10 operated phone having a physical keyboard. Since long, BB fans were missing the physical keyboard and Q10 combines the iconic form factor of the BB phones with a powerful BB 10.1 OS. The manufacturer has also integrated the Instant Action shortcuts button on the home screen that allows the user to easily navigate through the menu. If you are switching from an older BB phone, then you will see that Q10 runs amazingly smooth.


The phone sports a 3.1 inch screen which is backed by resolution of 720 x 720 pixels that gives 330 ppi. It is powered by a powerful dual core 1.5 GHz dual processor that runs on 2 GB RAM. The 16 GB internal storage is sufficient enough to provide storage space for music, video as well as entertainment files.


BlackBerry Q10 – Welcome Keypad Yet Again


Q10 consist of two cameras including the primary 8 MP camera that comes with autofocus and the secondary 2 MP camera for video calls. The battery of the Q10 is another great aspect of the phone. The 2100mAH battery is so far the best among the entire BlackBerry devices and provides you with plenty of talk time and standby time.

The rear side of the phone is made of tough glass weave having a matte finish, thereby giving it a cool and sturdy look. The device is strongly built and can withstand impact in everyday use. On the right edge of the phone there are volume control buttons, whereas on the left hand side you will see USB sync/charge ports.

The top edge of the phone has got similar keys including standby/lock and power button. As of now, the phone is going to be available in just two colors, i.e., white and black. The bold bright and sharp display of the phone provides a superb viewing experience. As AMOLED screen uses less power and physical space, the battery of the phone lasts mush longer.

As far as the keyboard of the phone is concerned is similar to BB Bold 9900, just with a few exceptions. The keys of Q10 are slightly bigger then Bold 9900. Also, unlike Bold 9900 the keyboard of Q10 is pretty much straight rather than being curved. Overall, the weight of the phone is good and it fits into hands well.

The sound quality of the phone is top notch and the call quality is also pretty decent. BlackBerry Q10 has already created a lot of buzz in the market and is surely going to meet the expectations of the BB loyalist.

As the phone is going to hit few of the markets soon, various network service providers are already ready for rolling out some great BlackBerry deals offering free text, calls and rentals and you must try to avail the benefits of these deals so as to save money.

Service providers like O2, Vodafone, and Virgin etc. are already publicizing such deals online. However, you must research on the various deals before you avail any one of them. You will find plenty of review of such deals online and you must read them in order to get more information about such deals. With this phone, BlackBerry is aiming to further strengthen its position in the market.