Best Sales Management Software


Why Britrix24 is Considered the Best Sales Management Software

If you look for reputable online service to track your time, manage tasks and relationships with customers, Britrix24 is a good choice. This software has an easy-to-use and well-designed interface, which reminds social network website, but there is a difference between them. Britrix24 has secure connection and creates good environment for productive work, as colleagues, managers, and customers can send massages, share files and get updates quick

Features and Benefits

There are different features and advantages of best sales management software, which convince a lot of customers to use Britrix24.

First of all, you have an opportunity to track the project, control time and process of working with the help of this software. There is an opportunity to give assignments to one person or a team, which make it an effective tool for managers. You can also store all important documents, which are related to the project and give access to it only to selected people. You can create a chart with the task, progress, time etc. What is more, you can upload different media files or documents for our private usage or share them with the team. Another great feature of this service is an opportunity to edit shared files, which saves the time for the whole team. In addition to that, employers can create their planners for a workday to be ready with all important tasks.

Another great advantage of Britrix24 is an opportunity to make web calls and immediate messaging. Thus, you can manage the project, watch updates and give instructions in messages. If you have extremely important information, which should be shared without any delays, it is also useful to make a web call and keep employers up to date within few minutes. These features are also handy when you need to receive feedback from your team or get important information right before the meeting with the customer. Web calls are made via browser or via your phone if you use There is also a possibility to make group calls, which is a good alternative to meetings, which are more time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient.

Finally, this software is perfect to keep good relations with customers as it has such important options as CRM, HP, Funnel Sales and some others. These tools will help you to create sales reports, manage contacts with customers and interaction with them. Sales Funnel will help you to track sales and the progress of the project. Other apps will help you to watch the demand and proposition, engagement and activity. Thus, you will be able to create sales strategy easily and with no problems if you use Britrix24. What is more, your customers will always be satisfied with the results and will recommend you to their partners.

That is how one little tool can make you loyal clients, bring you more customers, interested in your services, make your work efficient and more productive and make workdays more enjoyable.