10 Green Business Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs


If you’re a startup entrepreneur, making your business as green as possible is going to give you a leg up. Not only could this potentially give you the edge over your competitors, it could also help your business save money in the long run. Many people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by working with green businesses these days, so you’ll make yourself far more attractive by becoming one. To help you out, here are 10 green business ideas:

Use Recycled Packaging

If you are offering a product, make sure you use recycled packaging. Packaging can take up a lot of a product, so making sure it is recycled and can be recycled again is a must!

Use Eco-friendly Construction Materials

If you haven’t chosen your premises yet, how about using eco-friendly construction materials when you do? Many construction experts offer this now. You could even install solar panels if you have the budget!

Go For A Sustainable Energy Supplier

Opting for a sustainable energy supplier means you’ll be following in the footsteps of innovators like Google, who vow to soon use nothing but sustainable energy. Look into sustainable energy suppliers so you can be sure your energy is renewable. You might just save money in the long run too.

Only Work With Eco Friendly Suppliers

Make sure you look into your suppliers properly. By ensuring you work with those who are also trying to be as green as possible, you can triple your impact on the environment.

Upcycle Your Furniture

All businesses need furniture of some kind, but have you considered upcycling? This can depend on your type of business, but it can pretty much work anywhere, for example: Beds and sofas made from Wooly Jumpers. In an office, maybe you could make a desk yourself out of recycled crates. Maybe you could buy furniture that has been refurbished or repurposed. It’s all so much better for the environment.

Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials

If you plan on having a cleaner, making sure they use eco-friendly cleaning products, as these can make a huge difference to the environment. If you don’t (which is more likely as a start up), then make an effort to use these things yourself.

Bike To Work

Driving to work is easy, which is why so many people do it. However, you can bike to work, or even take public transport to make a positive impact. It’s all better than putting those unhealthy emissions into the environment. You could also offer incentive programs, for when you finally hire some staff.

Hire Environmentally Conscious Staff

If you hire staff who are already environmentally conscious, then you’re halfway there! They’ll be on board with the things you suggest, and you’ll definitely ensure your business is being as green as possible.

Make Your Values Clear 

Make sure your values are as clear as can be. This can be a great selling point to your clients, and help you to gain exposure.

Buy Second Hand

You rarely need to buy something brand new in business. Whether you’re looking for computers, desks, or something else, buying second hand is far greener than buying new! Plus, you’ll save a huge portion of your budget.