Advertising on London Rickshaws


Rickshaws are quite common place in certain countries around the world, and one small company would love to see the rickshaw become a popular means of transport in the city of London as well. The London Rickshaws strive to offer the locals and tourists the chance to see the city in a new way that’s exciting and absolutely free of any pollutant. A city as magnificent and historically important as London deserves to be treated with respect. The London Rickshaws have a fleet of passanger carts that are always ready to take people on a ride they won’t forget any time soon. What they do isn’t just make London accessible to the crowds, they also spread the important message about the environment and how crucial it is to be eco-friendly in this day and age.


The London Rickshaw’s motto is People power, seeing as their transportation methods require nothing more than, you guessed it, people power. One could make the argument that their motto also means that the people have the power to create a better world for themselves, one where we value the Earth and realize that we all inhabit the same place and we should treat it as our only home. For such a small company like the London Rickshaws, this is quite an admirable stance to take. They might be the only transportation business that produces zero CO2 emissions. And they achieve this in one of the most congested cities in the world, London.

The London Rickshaws offer tours of the top sightseeing destinations in London, gourmet & drink tours which many people will certainly appreciate. Couples and anyone who’d like a more romantic tour can always set one up with the London Rickshaws during the day and evenings as well.

The bicycle tours the company offers are always great fun for everyone involved. The problem with a city like London is that traffic is simply too congested and stressful for many people, using public transportation as means of getting around the city is slow,  cabs are often too expensive and there is no sightseeing to be done while riding the tube. This is exactly the reason why the London Rickshaws organize their bicycle tours that offers everyone an amazing opportunity to see the city and experience it like it was meant to be. When the sun is shining and the streets are dry, there’s no better way of getting around town and embracing the intense energy that London has to offer.

The London Rickshaws are always available for all sorts of personal events or business and marketing proposals. If you’d like to have an extraordinary wedding and in the process spread the importance about being eco-friendly, than by all means contact the London rickshaws and make your special day into a unique one as well. When it comes to advertising, there’s really no better way of marketing a product or business, because the rickshaws advertising are noticed and they always turn a few heads.

If you’re visiting London for the first time, or if you never had the chance to use the rickshaw services, than by all means make it a priority because it will be a memorable experience.

For additional information about their philosophy and services make sure to visit their webpage and feel free to contact them with any questions you might have or plans for an event where you’d like their presence.