Advertising Your Business with a Signage


In the plethora of digital and hard-copy marketing materials, the importance of a signs can be diminished. However, corporate signage is an integral part of marketing a business. Signs attract customers, direct them and act as a physical representation of your business goals.

Street Advertising

You’re quickest customers are always going to be the ones already outside your door. Those are the people who see a business sign from the street and pull in to get what they need, the ones who walk in just to browse because they’re in the area, and the ones who will impulsively pick up a product they might need in the future. Not focusing on signage is ignoring the customers that are standing at the front door.


Even if you’re dealing with an online customer who Googled your location and is on their way, there’s still a chance you’ll lose their business if they can’t find you. If a business doesn’t have noticeable signage, people will miss it. Maybe they’ll see another option on the next block. Maybe the time they spent driving in circles will make them realize they don’t need what they were going to purchase. Whatever happens, this crucial bit of traveling time prolonged by a lack of signage – or a dull and uninteresting one – results in a loss of business.



When a customer looks at a business sign, they’re often seeing what they desire in that moment or what their impulses are telling them they might desire in the future. Your business is the answer to a desire, and the sign confirms your ability to give them what they want. That’s why signage is a branding opportunity. A sign can have the company logo on it. It can incorporate the feel and purpose of your corporation with its color, lighting or style. Good signage makes a lasting impression so the fulfillment of a desire becomes linked to the image of your business sign.

Don’t let something as crucial as a signage be left forgotten. Instead, create a well-made sign suited to your business culture. It’s one essential corner of a business marketing strategy.