Why CGTrader Is The Best Place For Stock 3D Models

3D printing

Rare is the video game or immersive interactive experience that can make do without 3D models. However, keeping your own stable of 3D modelers can be prohibitively expensive. Conversely, being a 3D modeler, you might want to have creative freedom and be independent of projects. CGTrader is the stock 3D model market where these two disparate groups can meet online for both fun and profit.


Are you looking for models? CGTrader has you covered with over 300,000 available stock 3D models in three categories: CG, low-poly and 3D printing. CG covers all your high end scene and movie needs, with models of intricate, multi-million polygon detail and crisp textures. On the other hand, low-poly is perfect for your video game needs. You can even find models that are textured and rigged, saving you time and effort. Lastly, if you want to 3D print anything from jewelry to miniatures, CGTraders selection of goods has you covered.

3D printing

For the 3D modeler, this means that they have many areas to apply themselves in. And unlike some marketplaces, artists on CGTrader are able to claim credit for all their works. In fact, CGTrader can also double as your portfolio where you can display your works with some inbuilt interactivity. What’s even more, you can also upload free models – this increases customers’ confidence. CGTrader also works to compile data on model sales and works to present it to the community in an accessible way: that way, designers know what is hot at any given moment and what areas might be facing a little too much in the way of competition.


And almost everything you do on CGTrader increases your share of royalties. Starting at 70%, the points-based royalty-share system allows you to work your way up to lofty 90%, gaining both engagement, exposure, clients and website credit along the way. Interacting with the community – posting on the forum, creating tutorials, rating models – and doing business – uploading and selling models – nets modelers points that works towards their ultimate goal. Yes, this means that even clients work towards the betterment of your situation. Buying models gives more benefits than just revenue, who could have thought.


With over 400,000 users, CGTrader boasts a hale and hearty community of creatives. This leads to a lively and healthy forum environment. People also freely share galleries of their works and create tutorials to help others. The members are extremely helpful and designer friendly. The community also partakes in frequent CGTrader challenges which offer prizes from many 3D modeling-related companies.


This large pool of talented people also serves one other benefit to those seeking models: they provide a video selection of potential creators who might respond to your ads. After all, even with a catalogue of models third of a million strong, you might still need that special something modeled. CGTrader’s professional job ad system is there to help.


In the end, there’s really no better choice than CGTrader. It’s near the top and still rising; a youthful and energetic community of creatives that already has great portfolio of stock 3D models. Whether you’re creating a CG movie or a virtual-reality video game, you’ll find what you need. And if you’re a 3D artist selling your wares, you will find your buyer.