Advantages and Disadvantages of Chromebooks


Are Chromebooks good for your needs? Currently, Google ChromeOS is gaining momentum and is starting to become a complete web-based OS. However, you should not completely do away with your Windows or Mac laptop beforehand since there are some restrictions that come with ChromeOS, but if you are looking for an awesomely fast and responsive machine to read your email, surf the web and stream videos, there are more of the best Chromebooks in the market today.

Who are Chromebooks designed for?

Are you struggling with a sluggish laptop or desktop? Is your MacBook old enough that you lack money to buy another one? If so, a Chromebook can serve your needs.

Do you use your laptop or desktop computer mainly to read email, Facebook, and web browsing? A Chromebook will be your good fit, although not all people will find them a good fit for their needs.

Let’s find out what is Chromebook

Chromebooks are portable laptops intended for users who like to be online most of their time. They are designed for an operating system known as Chrome OS, which resembles Windows or Mac OS X, and essentially operate on top of a Linux podium.

In fact, Chromebooks resemble traditional laptops and that is the main reason why they may be replacing the traditional laptops. They come with an incredibly fast speed and are secure; they also have the ability to support many users.

Important Advantages of a Chromebook

So, are Chromebooks fit for your daily needs? Below are some of the essential features that make users go for a Chromebook instead of Windows or Mac computers.

  1. Price: Most Chromebooks today sell at a reasonable price which could even be less than your average laptop. With as little as $200 you can get a Chromebook. In fact, the prices of the Chromebooks make them to attract those people who are working on a fixed budget, although you can get a Windows laptop in the actual same range.
  2. Battery: An average Chromebook can serve you up to six hours or more without going off. Other models can even go up 13 hours. This is more than what a standard Windows laptop can provide, but numerous latest Windows devices are improving on this as well.
  3. Security: The Google ChromeOS comes with pre-installed virus and malware protection that updates to the most recent version regularly. This helps users to use their Chromebooks with having to worry about malicious files.

Disadvantages of a Chromebook

Although Chromebooks have advantages, they also come with some drawbacks just like any other electronic gadget. The following are some of the reasons that make users to have a second thought before buying Chromebooks.

  1. Office: Are you a lover of Ms Office? A Chromebook might not be your best fit. Google allows people to use its own unpaid free online set of Office-like services.
  2. Storage: Chromebooks only come with a local storage of 32GB. This makes them sell at a slightly reasonable price since their components costs are affordable. Nevertheless, Google allows users to save their data in the cloud, so it offers 100GB of online storage which comes with new Chromebooks without charge