A cheap Bluetooth choice for Smartphone in Amazon: ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones


When you are using a smartphone and looking for a light weight Bluetooth device it is very important for you to always choose the right brand for your handset. There are specific things you should pay attention to before you make your purchase. The feel and the fit of the Bluetooth are very important for the user. There are other important factors you should take note of like the quality of the sound, life of the battery, design and more. There are several reputed Bluetooth brands in the market and each one promises to stand out in its own way.


As a customer you will look for value for money on everything you buy. This is why it is prudent to be sure of the features of the product/service prior to the purchase. An informed decision is always a wise one. When you are buying a Bluetooth, comfort and convenience should be the highest priority. It is a device that has both these features. Gives the customer effective connectivity within a good range. This Bluetooth also responds well to voice dialing and since it is affordable so that you can easily buy it. Let us take a look at what this Bluetooth offers-


ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones

Overview – The Amazon ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones

The makers of this device have paid a lot of attention to details. They have made comfortable ear plugs for the device to stay in your ears for a very long time. This device has the unique Chewing Sweet Design technology that gives the user loud and clear sound. The pairing of this device is also good and you get the convenience of syncing it with your smartphone without hassles. When the battery runs low you will hear a beep. If you are looking for a certified device you will not be disappointed with this product. The ECSEM Mini Wireless Bluetooth is easy to operate and its workmanship is also unique. The device also requires to be paired only once. It boosts of a minimum rated talk time of three hours and its minimum rated standby time is 120 hours.


ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones

Pros of the ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones

1. If you are looking for a Bluetooth that is reasonably priced and easy on the pocket you should opt for this one. The price of this device is $19.99 at Amazon. This discounted rate will enable you to get a wireless Bluetooth small and comfortable for your needs.

2. It is a small device and not too heavy on the ears. The device is lightweight and it can be worn for a very long time.

3. The auto answer button works well. When you are listening to music you successfully can immediately receive any incoming call without delays.

4. The call clarity is very good and the phone calls can be answered in a range of 8 meters without hassles.


Cons :

The ECSEM Mini Bluetooth earbuds has been difficult for some customers to connect to their respective smartphones. This is mainly because they hold the switch button for a very long time. There are some users that have turned on the handset and have seen the flashing red and blue light many times. When the light flashes blue they think that the pairing has been done however in reality it is not. For pairing correctly you have to press the button and count from one to ten. It is only after this that you find the flashes of blue and red light a few times before the Bluetooth is successfully paired with your phone.


ECSEM Mini Bluetooth headphones

The design is very functional and light weight. It is small in size and fits perfectly in the ear with different size earplugs . The ECSEM Mini Bluetooth earphones can be worn steady even when running and jogging with a pair of earhooks. The price is excellent you can find it 19.99 in Amazon .