7 Smart Ways to Reduce Business Costs


The costs of running your own business can be overwhelming. Your goal will be to increase your sales so you have more revenue to spend and to cover needed expenses. However, reducing the costs of your business is one of the best ways to maintain a higher profit level. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies.

  1. Negotiate with Vendors

More than likely, you are working with several providers and partners. One of the best ways to reduce business costs is to try to negotiate their costs. Offer a flat fee or ask to bring down the prices altogether. If you are using a supplier for a large quantity of items, they may be more than willing to negotiate in order to keep your business.

Another place you can negotiate is renting. When you are looking for office spaces for lease, try to negotiate the price. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. If they want to rent the space quickly, they may be willing to lower the fees. You will never save money unless you ask; discounts won’t be given otherwise.

  1. Purchase in Bulk

Often times, the basic supplies you use on a regular basis can be purchased in bulk. Buying in bulk puts the price closer to wholesale, adding more change to your wallet. Items you can purchase in bulk include toilet paper, napkins, coffee, printing paper, printing ink, pens, and rubber bands.

Another way to save money is to pay for your monthly subscriptions yearly. Instead of paying each month for your business insurance, opt to pay the whole year upfront. Most organizations offer adiscount for those with the money upfront. You will save money by switching to annual fees. Remember, ask if they don’t list the option! You never know until you ask.

  1. Try a Virtual Office

If you have a team that works mostly remotely, there may be no need to rent a co-working space. Or, you can opt to drastically reduce the size. More businesses are offering this choice to their employees, so it could be a great choice for your company. You can hold business meetings nearly anywhere.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Most homes are using energy efficient appliances, and businesses are starting to lean that way too. Utilities can eat up a large portion of your income, so any savings will help. Try changing the light bulbs in your office to compact fluorescent. They cost more upfront but they last longer and cost less to run, so this can save you money. Having a small green patch within the office space will make the space look more vibrant as well as is one of the most cost-efficient ways to naturally keep the office space cooler, enabling you to save on air-conditioner bills. Worried about having to invest in the maintenance of the grass?

  1. Go Paperless

Paper costs money, even if you opt to purchase in bulk. With all of the online options, there are many ways to reduce your paper usage. You can send invoices and pays online, along with using an online payment system. Use email marketing instead of using expensive forms. Also, email coupons instead of sending paper coupons.

  1. Shop Around for Insurance

Just like any other cost, don’t settle for the first insurance company you find. Find and compare a few different insurance policies. It is important to look for the best rates, so compare prices at renewal times. You can even use an agent who works independently to find you the best insurance options.

  1. Word of Mouth

Marketing can be expensive. One of the best forms of marketing is the word of mouth and online reviews. Offer incentives to your customers if they leave online reviews. The incentive could be a discount on their next purchase or a buy one, get one coupon. Your sales will increase with better reviews.

Cutting expenses mean more profit for you and your business. These are 7 ways to reduce costs, but there are hundreds more you can try. Whether they make small or big differences, using a few strategies will increase your savings by thousands each year.