5 Ways to Change SEO during COVD 19


The coronavirus pandemic has created huge uncertainty in our daily lives, including businesses. In a recent survey, one in three consumers implied that the coronavirus pandemic has already changed their shopping behavior. In fact, marketing platforms such as PPC have already seen a reduction in budget. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) never changes. SEO is vital for all businesses, and it has never been more essential to revisit your SEO strategies during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Discontinuing or limiting your SEO campaign now will only hurt your business in the long run. Moreover, according to Forbes, internet usage has jumped 50-70% at the end of March. So, use this opportunity to increase your online business presence. Here are some of the few SEO strategies from Joel House that may be right for your business.

1.      Provide guidance for your consumers

Now is the time to make your voice well-known in your industry by offering accurate information and expert advice about coronavirus to your customers. People are looking for help and guidance, so try to concentrate on the use of the information you are offering and provide a means by which your audience can stay connected with you. For instance, you can add an email opt-in, offer a link to valuable downloads, invite them to join you on your social media platform, or create some resources on your site.

In the case you want to link for external sources, ensure you share very useful information about COVID-19. Note that the information or content you create for your audience is also a reflection of your business. This is particularly vital when it comes to sharing safety or health tips. So, before sharing or linking any coronavirus related content, make sure you look to sources like WHO or CDC.

2.      Monitor your competitors

To get more strategic with your SEO campaign, the first thing you should do is to keep an eye on your competitors to pinpoint content gaps you can utilize. Several companies will reduce their marketing budgets due to the pandemic; so many voids can open up for you to fill. However, this can only work if you monitor your competitors’ activities and implement the best SEO strategies or hire a Adwords Company to help take advantage of these new opportunities.

To start, identity all your competitors – this could be companies with market segments or audiences you are planning to target in the future or those you already compete with directly. Then, determine the extent of their content activities so that you can establish any inclines that occur during this pandemic period.

When the company’s content starts declining, there are many actions you can take. For example, you could utilize web analytics tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, BuzzSumo to determine certain keywords your competitors are using to outrank you. Then, design contents that are well optimized for them so as to move past them.

3.      Provides analytical insight into demand

With SEO analytics, you’ll be able to forecast the demand curve for your products or services. SEO analytics is important data that can help you plan for a possible crash. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs of consumers have changed, but not always extremely. Sometimes consumers may purchase according to the amount of money they have left.

For instance, some consumers may purchase chocolates at the beginning of the lockdown, but later find it a luxury as the lockdown persists. With SEO analytic tools, you can see how fast your audience losses interest in your services or products so that you can start formatting your next move.

4.      Use SEO to extend your global reach

Whether you are a global company or a local retail store owner, your target audience is using a search engine more than the usual right now. So, ask yourself if your website is well-positioned to show in response to their queries. Though it depends on the resources you have available at the local stage, this could be the best time for you to invest in well-optimized existing content for your specific region or city.

For instance, if you have never had the resources or time to translate your content before, now could be the right time to optimize your content for other languages. This pandemic period could be the right time for business owners with multi-national operations that wants to keep their workforce productive and employed during the lockdown. Guided by SEO Firm Sydney, your local staff can help provide the hyperlocal framework required for incredible local content.

5.      Focus on your technical projects

If you are like most companies, you have a long list of backlist technical SEO tasks that need to be resolved. Now is the time to take on these projects, either on your own or partnering up a digital marketing company. Focusing on your technical projects might mean performing actions such as:

  • Identifying and removing dead/broken outbound links and substituting them with new ones.
  • Getting a CDN in place to enhance the speed of your content delivery.
  • Undertaking design changes that improve user experience and SEO
  • Modifying your navigation structure to include recently created contents.

When addressing these underlying problems, you will not only improve your SEO performance, but it will also prevent you from experiencing 2 separate declines in organic traffic. Moreover, when you have your technical SEO in order, you will be able to make your website more valuable if you ever want to sell off part of all of your business in the future.