5 Unusual Cool Gadgets You Would Like to Use


People love to experience strange things in their lifetime, one is trying unusual gadgets which may or may not please you anyhow. Gadgets are some electrical or mechanical equipment which are used to spice up daily life or the get some aid in usual work. But in some cases, gadgets play an unusual role with their behavior and we love to connect those with our daily routine.


Today, we have collected 5 cool gadgets which have unusual behavior plus have a kind of spark which would attract you to have these. But be sure before buying these because these may be little bit heavy for your pocket. Good thing comes with heavy price – a normal saying to warn you. Place your thoughts about these gadgets in the comment form below.


1. Magic Message Mirror Alarm System

Cost: $4000-$5000
Taking a page out of ‘Snow White,’ the Magic Message Mirror , made by Themeaddicts, looks like a normal gilded mirror. But this touch-screen mirror is connected to security cameras and motion-detection sensors you set up around your home and property. When the system senses a change, be it a guest or an open garage door, the character, ‘Basil of the Mirror’ appears. If you’re not into ‘a somewhat pompous English butler personality’ as Themeaddicts describes him, you can also get a custom character. It has a repetoire of phrases, such as ‘Hmmm … most curious. It seems that we have a pedestrian approaching our driveway.’ or ‘Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened.’


2. Samsung WiFi Enabled Fridge

Cost: $2699-$3499
Ever get the urge to tweet while your fishing through your fridge for a snack? Maybe you want to tell your friends ‘Out of milk again! #Roughday’ or ‘Eating that chocolate cake I told myself I wouldn’t eat! #Dietproblems.’ Samsung’s WiFi-enabled fridge allows you to do all that. It has an 8-inch LCD screen loaded with apps so you can eat and tweet all day long. It also allows users to access Pandora online radio and a Google calendar, leave digital notes and download recipes.


3. Solar Bikini

Cost: $1000 and more
This multi-purpose bathing suit will not only shimmer in the sun as you strut up and down the beach, it will also ensure that your iPod never runs out of power. According to the creator of the Solar Bikini , Andrew Schneider, the suit is powered by, ‘forty small photo-voltaic cells stitched together in a very specific pattern to generate enough current to mimic the output of a USB drive on a laptop and thus able to power your iPod and similar devices.’ The suits aren’t mass-marketed – yet. Schneider said each suit is custom-made and can cost anywhere from $1,000 and up. Schneider also said he is working on his next wearable device called the iDrink, a male version of the solar bikini which uses solar power to cool your beer on the beach.


4. Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ Stamps

Cost: $7.99
Whenever you read one of your Facebook friends status’s you can declare your appreciation for their post by clicking the ‘like’ button. Well, now the people at ThinkGeek have brought this button to life, literally, with an old-school, dip-it-in-ink ‘Like’ stamp . Of course, they also made a ‘Dislike’ stamp. Don’t like a colleague’s work? Stamp their paper with the ‘dislike’ stamp to let them know you are unsatisfied. Think your kid did a great job on their test? Stamp it with the ‘Like’ button to show them you’re proud – and hip with social media.


5. SatuGo Bouncing Camera

Cost: Around $70
If you’ve ever dropped your camera or wished you were taller to get that bird’s eye view, here’s a camera for you: The SatuGo bouncing camera. It clicks a picture on impact or, if you’re tossing it in the air, you can set a timer to take pictures at set intervals. The camera, which takes 3 mega pixel images, can also be used as a webcam and will come with a belt clip. It hasn’t yet gone into production but more than 4,000 people have registered on the website to be notified when they become available. The name SatuGo, incidentally, stands for See Aim Throw captUre & GO.