Top 5 Free Android Apps for Photo Manipulation


Android phones are getting so much hype among smartphone lovers. Daily, lots of new android phones are being launched with many new features and future prospects. Using these phones is popular because of the millions of android app support. There is lots of fun within android apps as you may find all most all possible moves based on your daily routine, whether it is games or planning your schedule or just to read a book on your smartphone.


One of the most important works which we like to do in leisure time is manipulating photographs taken at your precious moments. With the involvement of social media sites in our life it is now trend to upload your photos to Facebook or MySpace sites. But it would be odd if you upload those directly without any changes or giving graceful look to those pictures.


To help you out, we are featuring the best free android apps for photo manipulation, we chose 5 out of them which will enable you to convert your photos into pencil sketches, crayon drawings or oil paintings or just crop, straighten, rotate and flip images, add sort focus, and adjust the brightness and contrast of parts of the photo.


Photo Art – Color Effects



Color Splash Photo



Sketch Me



Touchnote Postcards