5 Smart Gadgets You’ll Definitely Want in Your Home


 Photo by Pexels, CC0 1.0

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and it is good news for consumers. There are a host of new products on the market that have used the power of technology to benefit us and improve our quality of life. Some are completely new gadgets we have never seen before and others are incredible improvements on things that have been around a long time but are now just so much better.

There are endless lists of new smart gadgets that have come out recently with new ones appearing all the time. I have been doing a bit of research into these new products and put together this list of the top 5 smart gadgets you’ll definitely want in your home. Let’s take a look.


  • Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This very clever gadget offers you total health monitoring. It looks like a sleek, modern digital weighing scale but it does so much more by measuring and tracking vital data regarding your health and weight. Not only will it accurately weigh you, it will also measure your heart rate, body fat percentage and the quality of the air in your home.

The information is synced over either wi-fi or Bluetooth and you can access the data through a web interface or directly on your smart phone, using an iOS or Android app.  Different profiles can be created for up to 8 separate users on one device. You can set goals for yourself and monitor your progress on a daily basis. The interface gives you important information and tips regarding the data. It is a complete health monitoring device that will help you achieve your health goals.

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners

These have been around for some time now but initial models were clumsy and did not do a great job. As the design and technology has developed, these smart home cleaning devices have come a long way.

Ecovacs make the Deebot range and I looked at their latest model, the D77. Ecovacs have been trailblazers in the robotic vacuum cleaning market and their latest product is great. It navigates extremely well and easily senses objects or obstacles and simply whizzes around them. It has the ability to automatically self-empty the bin when necessary and the variety of modes makes it efficient at cleaning all types of floor surfaces. It even has feature allowing you to set a timer, so it can clean the floors even when you are not at home. It has truly revolutionised home cleaning.

  • Lg Thinq Refrigerator

There are a number of smart refrigerators on the market but I really like the ThinQ from LG. It is a generous size with 3 doors and some clever storage design ideas. It features an eight-inch Wi-Fi LCD touch screen. The monitor communicates with the app on your smart phone app for various applications. It keeps track of all perishable food items, along with their age and stock levels and position in the fridge. You can create shopping lists or instantly check availability and age of all products with ease. This is done on apps like Food Manager and Grocery App.

Another great feature it that it is constantly monitoring its own performance and will give you full reports on refrigerator’s energy-consumption information.

  • Air Purifier

Ecomgear is a small, efficient device that will not only purify the air but also help to maintain the correct humidity in the room. Another great feature is the ability to remove or reduce bad odours in the room through the aroma diffusion function.

It is totally portable so can be used in the car, at work or when you travel. It comes with a USB cable and is highly energy efficient. Refilling is simple as it has a removable tank. This is a handy device to have around the house or when you are away.

You will want to take a look at sites such as Plenty Air for advice and information.

  • Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Security is a major concern these days and this nifty gadget will give you extra peace of mind by monitoring your doors and windows. It can be used at home, on garages or outbuildings and even at the office. It is an inexpensive security device that will detect any movement in the doors or windows and alert you immediately, you can choose best from checking reviews of home security systems.

It can be operated remotely through the use of smartphone apps and will text and e-mail you to advise you of any activity. It is also great to confirm all doors are closed if you are away from home.

Smart gadgets have already made our lives that much easier and with all the new research and development going on more great products will continue to become available. These gadgets are guaranteed to make your life easier, safer and healthier.