5 Reasons To Avoid An Unlimited Space/Bandwidth Web Host


The concept of unlimited space is a deceptive marketing scheme. The following are 5 reasons to avoid an unlimited space.

  1. Unlimited Hard Drive is not a reality


Though one day there will be creation of an unlimited hard drive, its size has physical limits for now. It implies that there is a limitation to the amount of data that can be uploaded, saved or served. There are some hosts that have a storage area network, where these hosts add drives as required, but it does not change the reality that the unlimited space does not exist, at least not for now.

  1. Unlimited Neighbors could be a disaster


A lot of hosting customers don’t consider about this issue. They usually sign with an unlimited host believing it provides them the freedom from having to worry about a lot of data, or paying huge fees in overages when they become popular. They usually do not  stop and think of  what the unlimited hosting can do, for example:

Website owners of the sites that attract hackers can be targets of the service attacks denial and use lots of resources.

Your site that is small and uses fewer resources might be affected by other clients that are attracted by unlimited hosts.

  1. The actual limits are unknown


You should not be fooled thinking you will be another popular site like Face book or twitter with a small amount you pay monthly for unlimited web hosting account. These accounts have limits, however these limits are usually kept as a secret or these limits are defined vaguely in Terms and conditions of service . Most of the time you will have no idea about these hosting limits only until you have overstepped them and when your website is broken or cancelled or simply shut off.

  1. Number of files stored is restricted severely


This restriction is usually called the “Inode Limit”. Most of the unlimited hosts limit to 25,000 files per account. Usually this limit is not realized until it is exceeded; at this point uploading new files is not possible. This kind of limit can be exhausting for ecommerce sites with multiple files or loads and loads of images.

  1. It takes days for restoration

Slow Work Progress. Detailed Vector

On an average, the back up or the restore applications can restore data at a rate of 50 GB for every hour. If your host provides a server with 4,000 GB of data for restoration, then you will have to wait at least 4 days till your data is completely restored.

When you are scrutinizing web hosts, you must watch out for the term “unlimited” or its equivalent. Read the fine print, do not accept the term at face value when it is used for bandwidth and space. Choosing the unlimited bandwidth or disk space might mean that your website is going to face unmentioned, or vaguely specified limits, as compared to web hosts which tell you upfront what you are receiving.