5 New PHP Applications for Code Geeks


New PHP applications are very rare to find out. Most importantly it’s very difficult to search out the trusted source for PHP applications. But whether you know about it or not but there are many PHP applications available for code geeks. Code guide is very important and a must have stuff for coding lovers. It saves a lot of time and gives you much freedom to play with code and generate new thing around your favorite coding language.


PHP coders need to be aware of new technology in the field, and they must follow the new features for their projects. PHP applications would do the same thing for code lovers. To refine their task code geeks try to search these new and fresh PHP applications for better and easier coding experience.


5 New PHP Applications for Code Geeks

Not going much further, we have searched out many coding resources and found out the 5 new PHP applications for code geeks. Nerds really need these to simplify their requirements and these PHP applications would lead to a new innovative and pure world of new PHP functionality.



1. phpFreeChat

A handy PHP module for embedding chat functionality into your web applications. Available in three options, one is open source and has all required functionality to integrate chat module to your website and other two are paid version with more professional options to get.

phpFreeChat - PHP Applications


2. Unirest : HTTP Libraries in Multiple Languages

A delightful HTTP library not only for PHP but it supports many other languages like .NET, JAVA, Python etc. Boost up your web development by using Unirest HTTP library.

Unirest - HTTP Libraries in Multiple Languages


3. Whoops : Library for PHP Error Reporting

Geeks finds a situation very painful – Error and its debugging process. Whoops is a sort of solutions for such geeks, this PHP Library gives you a simpler way to handle error and its debugging process within your web application development phase. Now stop being a kid and move on with the more robust solution for error checking method for your PHP applications.

Whoops - Library for PHP Applications


4. PHP Mobile Detect

It’s a lightweight class to help you to detect mobile device for your web applications. It supports modern tablets and smartphones which make it more robust and usable for modern web applications.

PHP Mobile Detect


5. phpFastCache

If you’ve faded up with high page load time, even after getting all the measurements. Then phpFastCache is an optimal solution for you, it reduces database load and speed up dynamic web applications. By nature it’s generic and targets distributed object system of application architecture.