4 Items All Bloggers Should Carry With Them

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4 Items All Bloggers Should Carry With Them

Running a blog takes the right combination of patience and drive. You also need resources that help you post an update the moment inspiration strikes. Some items offer so much utility that you’ll feel useless without them. Here are four items all bloggers should carry with them.



You never know when you’ll have a great idea. If you’re separated from the internet at that moment, you may lose your train of thought. That’s a fantastic update that will never happen. Carrying a notebook is the old school way to make certain you never forget an idea. The best thing about a notebook is that it never loses a charge or struggles to receive a Wi-Fi signal. Of course, you’ll need a working pen, but it’s easier to find of those than an empty USB port these days.



If you’re unfamiliar with image copyright laws, you should take a couple of hours to familiarize yourself with the basic details. Companies like Getty buy a massive volume of stock photographs. It does this so that it can draft patent trolling litigation against bloggers like you. The goal is to extract thousands of dollars from you for copyright violations. You’re vulnerable to these claims even if you’re unaware of internet fair usage laws.

To avoid such legal issues, you should carry a camera at all times. That way, when you have an idea for an article, you can accompany your thoughts with visual support. Whenever you have a story idea, take a moment to look at your surroundings, photograph the most interesting elements in the area, and upload the images to the cloud. The best aspect of this practice is that it’ll enhance your writing, too. These pictures will remind you of details that you would otherwise forget about your story. Plus, 90 percent of the information that the human brain processes is visual. The graphics will improve audience reception to your blog post.


You want your phone with you for several reasons. The most important one is that responsive bloggers earn better, more loyal traffic over time. Whenever someone cares enough about your blog to comment, you should respond. Your smartphone will let you do so in a timely manner. It’ll also enable you to handle any issues with content delivery that will inevitably happen. Hiccups are a regular part of running a blog.

Also, you can kill two birds with one stone by carrying a smartphone that has a quality camera. It’ll save you carrying space, and it’ll maximize your productivity. Use a trusted site like Android Headlines to decide which smartphone is best for your needs.

Business Cards

Bloggers have to prove their professionalism quickly. Since more than 300 million blogs exist, a content creator without a business card gets dismissed as ordinary. Simply by producing a business card that displays your URL and contact information, you distinguish yourself. That card tells strangers that you’re better than 99.99 percent of bloggers. You have readers and drive and ambition. You’ll stand out against the amateurs who don’t take blogging seriously as a career choice.

Building a quality blog requires some planning. You should always plan for potential content by carrying the four items above.