4 Facebook Marketing Tips to Generate Engagement and Sales

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In regards to social media marketing, using Facebook as an example, the goal of your business is not just to get shares and likes, but to get sales. Because of this, all your posts should have a clear purpose. Determine what your goal for your post is and how it relates to your business goals. Below are some tips to make the most out of your Facebook marketing.

Boost a New Product Announcement

Utilizing the ‘boost’ feature on Facebook is very effective, particularly for small businesses. Although many experts in the Facebook marketing field advise not to use the boost feature for advertising on Facebook, many marketers do with great success. For example, a small local business had a page on Facebook where they boosted a post of theirs that announced the arrival of a large water slide. It cost the company around $20 to boost the post and they ended up with immediate phone calls and messages inquiring about it. They selected to target fans and the friends of their fans and reached more than 4500 fans and 1000 likes.

This is some serious engagement, but not only this, the post generated eight ($300) reservations for the slide inside a span of 7 days. That equals over $2400 in revenue from a $20 Facebook ad spend. On top of this, the couple posts below the boosted post also increased in views and likes because of the activity of the post that was boosted. This is a powerful feature if you boost a new product announcement. Now, you don’t have to make an essay out of your post, but why not throw some in the mix creativity right? You can read more about custom essays and see if any of the services intrigue you. It doesn’t have to be essays; you could even outsource for smaller articles, blog or social media posts as well. For more detail Just visit WritePro.net.

Have a Clear Value Plan

A huge mistake that small business owners often make is not having a clear value plan. You need to clearly communicate the benefits you offer, how you are going to solve a problem and how you are different from your competitors. Then ensure the value you provide is consistent across every marketing channel.

Build an Audience

Surely, you probably already have friends, family and customers who would be pleased to offer you a boost. Be sure to reach out to family, friends and customers who you have served and ask for their support. This can be done by asking relevant Facebook friends if they could give your page a like or by uploading a list of present customers and send an email out to them. You can do all of this through the Facebook ‘Build Audience’ section. These types of fans will be your initial foundation of your page and will set its tone of conversation.

Post Frequency

It’s simply not enough to make one post a week and it’s too much to make 6 or more posts a day. Regardless if it’s a photo, plain text, video, photo-and-text combo or link, the post frequency matters. Now, there isn’t an exact science, however, there have been some studies that have shown that the ideal frequency rate was 5 to 10 posts a week back in 2011. This has most likely changed a bit and a little more posting is fine since there is much more activity on Facebook now than there was then. Larger businesses might require more frequency in their posting. What matters is that your posts are informing and engaging and not seen as a commercial being displayed 10 times a day.