The Top 10 Proven SEO Tips For 2018 You Want To Adopt Now


As we reach the end of 2017, it’s time to start thinking about the year that is to come and what we can expect from SEO by 2018.There are a large number of search trends that we have seen at the beginning of this year, and everything tells me that they will become more prominent in 2018.

You must know that improving the organic positioning is an art; it is mandatory to be updated with all the tools and tricks that must be taken into account for Google users to find the website you are positioning. For Google to like your content and position you in a privileged place, where you are quickly found, you need to be updated with all the tools and tricks required

Here are 10 Proven SEO tips for 2018 that you should be watching to stay ahead of the competition, and if you want to get complete help with SEO from Digital Marketing companies as it will enhance your online marketing campaigns.

  1. Search For Voice And Digital Assistants

Voice search modern technology provides an excellent opportunity to alter the way we communicate and even process information. The surge of digital assistants has provided a growing market which could change the way search queries are carried out. Based on Google, one in five searches already originates from voice queries.

When it comes to establishing an SEO strategy, the increase in voice search highlights the need to focus on longer search queue keywords and a natural language that matches the user’s conversational tone.


  1. Semantic Marking

The introduction of microdata is increasingly important for Google; therefore, it’s essential to use the web label with the language of and with the JSON-LD format or with and the Microdata format.

These two languages are the best known and used to make a good semantic mark. There is a Google tool to know if the markup is well inserted in the web page in question, you can find it from Webmasters Tool, with the structured data tool.


  1. Link Building Strategy

Link building is not expected to disappear in 2018, but it will be more important than ever to create a strategy that seeks quality links. There is no need to search for new links if they do not add value and help you build authority in your objective niche.

A successful SEO strategy in 2018 will move towards building relationships, helping a brand develop contacts and powerful links that will be beneficial in the long term.


  1. User Experience

The uѕеr experience fоr SEO is gоіng tо bе a lоt more important in 2018. Google have a propensity to make it crystal clear that the concentration is on the user, this also must make lot more internet sites deliver a very smooth UX for their own website visitors.

An excellent user experience will increase the chances of folks getting involved with the websites they pay a visit to. The speed of the website, its readability, as well as its navigation structure, is going to be key, if they are not already.


  1. Featured Fragments And Quick Answers

The popularity of the highlighted fragments has increased the competition among the companies that try to appear in the position 0 in the SERP. Obtaining a prominent fragment in the search requires providing a specific combination of factors, which has opened SEO beyond the traditional race to the top of Google.

Lists, tables, and charts are often popular, but it’s also useful to create content in question and answer format, which makes it easier for Google to extract the right content to appear as a prominent piece.


  1. Social Networks

The ability to share content on social networks also becomes one of the features that Google takes into account when positioning a website. Yet not only because your website has social buttons, but because of the number of people, you share the web contents with on social networks!


  1. Mobile-First Index

2018 is most likely to be the year when brands understand the potential of placing the mobile first, as opposed to providing mobiles being a belated concept. This will be accurate 100% should Google choose to make 2018 the year it eventually deploys its mobile-first index.


Online site speed is crucial for search engines like Google and the overall performance of your page in Search engine rankings, and Advanced Mobile Pages (AMP) could make a page load as much as four times quicker compared to a regular mobile page.


  1. The Rise Of Visual Search

An SEO technique in 2018 must take into consideration the way we use up visual content as well as the way search engines right now go beyond words to explore the transforming habits of search. Visual queries now become much more appealing, and the utilization of neuroscience and also innovation create a remarkable and even competitive market.


As levels of competition increases, a lot more businesses seem to identify the potential of an effective visual search, when brands need to concentrate even more on optimizing their visual content material for Search engine optimization purposes.


  1. Negative SEO

More than a tendency, it’s a headache for many webmasters, for the possibility that an attack of this type end up affecting the web pages or blogs they manage.

Hence the importance of keeping up with precautions what must be done to minimize the dangers of a negative SEO attack, in addition to checkers with the most powerful SEO tools (Majestic SEO, Sixtrix, and Ahrefs)


  1. AI And The Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and then machine learning are actually transforming the way search results are categorized. Machine learning could also help the way through which searches are carried out, assisting users to discover contextualized results associated with their search.



As it appears, 2018 will likely be a remarkable year for SEO. Standard SEO methods will always be effective. However, there are certain trends in the work which could substantially change the practice of optimizing for the search. That is the reason it’s helpful to keep up with the newest trends and then discover the way your brand can maintain an SEO technique for 2018 success.