Tips & Tricks to Prevent Your Android Phone from Unwanted Ads


The concept of privacy is en route to gate-crashing into oblivion. Devices that were originally created to protect your data are now on the other on of the protection mechanism, with the user pulling many a string to prevent cell phone tracking. The same is the case with Android phones that were once known for their uncompromising security, and have now become the hub of a barrage of unwanted advertisements. Advertisers would do just about anything to advertise their products; this in turn gets on the nerves of Android users. Here’s how you can counter it…


Prevent Unwanted Ads on Android Phone


1. Apply the Applications

There is a multitude of apps for Android phones in the market that cater to blocking ads. Most of these apps, like AdFree and AdAway, would only work if your Android is rooted. Therefore, if you’ve rooted your phone you can install these apps and ensure that the Android spyware meant for advertising purposes stays away from your phone.


2. Block and Toggle

Ad Blocker & Data Toggle is also a well-renowned and an incredibly effective app as far as the removal of adware is concerned. This app works when your phone’s Internet connection is cut off; but the flipside is that those adware that need Internet connectivity to function are under the gun of Ad Blocker & Data Toggle.


3. Watch the Web

In case our data connection is turned off, browsing the Web goes out of the window. Nevertheless, there are means and apps that can ensure that ads do not spoil your browsing experience by meddling into your web surfing. Android Adblock for instance is one such app that can be added to manually modify and even block filters.


4. Pull it Down

Every Android user that finds and influx of ads repulsive, would tell you that there are few things more obnoxious than the dreaded ‘push notifications’. One of the reasons for this is of course that for all practical purposes you can’t do anything to stop the ads and the Android spyware that comes along with the notifications until and unless you root your Android. But there are other solutions, of this puzzle, that do exist. The simplest solution of course is that one should read user reviews and the fine print before downloading any app, to ensure its credibility and authenticity.

The advertising debate is rather interesting, and by monitoring both sides of the coin one realizes the gravity of the whole situation. The users are perturbed by the relentless flow of adware, while the advertisers consider it well within their rights to propagate their products. Even so, the general consensus among Android users at least is that the advertisers take undue advantage of their cell phone tracking prowess.

Ads obviously have a lot of profitability centered round the whole episode therefore the hullabaloo against these apps is understandable. Plus no one likes spyware prowling around your cell phone and hence, if you’re one of the many people perturbed by the unwarranted flood of ads. Make sure you plug the flow in time.