The Ultimate SEO Guide for WordPress


WordPress is a CMS that let users publish their content online and provides a good source of income from home based on internet business. WordPress is an open source system, which means that you can download, install and use its different functionalities anyway you want to. WordPress came into limelight in the year 2003, where they had plenty of free tolls and a good source of blogging as compared to Google’s blogger. Now WordPress allows numerous functions like adding image, videos, HTML and CSS. Also, nowadays number of websites is formed under WordPress platform. User can use MySQL and PHP to design their websites and import tools from other sources for formatting purposes.


WordPress is an open-source website creation tool that can be used to create almost all kinds of websites. Many of the online giants rely on WordPress for the Management of their content. Setting up WordPress is very easy; a beginner can even setup a stunning website using WordPress.


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Open Source Advantages in WordPress

WordPress open source platform has worked wonders for many creative web developers. Open source enables the easy navigation for designing purposes and you can simply drag and drop software to embed in your WordPress page. Open source has brought many advantages to large strata of developers. They usually aim at providing new website for many clients sitting right in their home. This has been a good business for many people.


SEO and WordPress

Search engine records or caches every record of almost every website on the internet. SEO works on different techniques. The main element here is how you add tags. SEO mainly aims at editing and creating tags which search engines can grab in the form keywords. WordPress is a SEO friendly platform. It is embedded with SEO techniques such as page navigational links and provides a secured environment. Lot of themes and plug-in are mostly optimized to be SEO friendly so that the user does not have to work hard on promoting the WordPress website. WordPress incorporates many features like tagging and linking. Few SEO features that are already optimized in WordPress are:


• Automatic creation of META tags
• Avoid redundancy of data
• Optimized titles
• META description and META keyword title and body box for your custom keywords and title.
• Optimized Permalinks


The SEO Structure of WordPress can be further improved by the usage of SEO Plugins that help you in optimizing your website in a proper way. The Most recommended plugins for SEO are Yoast SEO, SEO Images, and WP-Super Cache.
WordPress an Ultimate Tool for Creating SEO Friendly Websites


WordPress is designed to be used by almost anyone. It is user friendly and whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’ll find WordPress an easy source to build your website or blog pages. Many services are free and for some you have to pay some minimum amount. CMS styled installation has given expert users to easily define their templates. So WordPress is a complete package for the ultimate SEO website and blog pages.


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