The 5 Types of Social Media Marketing Content Your Business Can’t Live Without


How diverse is your company’s social media marketing game?

If it doesn’t incorporate these five distinct types of social media marketing content, the answer is: not diverse enough. Here’s what to know about each.

 1.The Devious Snap

 Yep, we’re going there right off the bat.

What? No! Not there. Get your mind out of the gutter. The Devious Snap is a family-friendly treat, an embrace of Snapchat’s natural irreverence. Perhaps it’s a picture of the boss’s back as she walks into a surprise birthday party, or a humorously captioned Bounce of a semi-compromising team-building situation. Use your judgment, and always remember to ask what the kids would like to see.

 2.The Facebook Candid

 Facebook isn’t the place for overproduced visual content; that’s Instagram’s jam. Your Facebook candids should be, well, candid. The Centre for Arts and Technology, a British Columbia-based digital arts school, does it best: prolific, endearing candid shots of students and faculty enjoying life.

3.The Sunset Shot

 Stop reading and watch this video right now.

Got it? Okay. Now open your Instagram app, log into your corporate account, and get snapping. (If necessary, wait until sundown.)

Here’s what you need to know about taking a great sunset shot on Instagram:

  • It doesn’t matter whether sunsets have anything to do with your brand. Everyone likes a good sunset shot, and you’re basically guaranteed to attract followers with a couple good sundowners per week.
  • Captioning is key. Don’t go overboard, but don’t post a context-free sunset shot either.
  • If your sunset shots are successful, branch out. There’s virtually zero downside to indulging your corporate account the occasional nature photography interlude.

 4.The Tweetstorm

 Hopefully, you haven’t been on the receiving end of one of these. They’re intense.

Your tweetstorms should not target followers (or randoms) — targeted storms are an absolute no-no for corporate and professional Twitter handles. Whatever you want to do on your own time, using an anonymous handle, is another story.

What your tweetstorms should do is highlight your thought leadership cred. Summarizing longform blog posts or earned media mentions. Explaining a controversial decision-making process. Announcing a policy change. Lifting up a nonprofit partner or pet cause.

When used for good, the tweetstorm is a powerful ally indeed.

 5.The LinkedIn Leader

 The LinkedIn thought leader, to be clear.

Every week or so, post a fairly long (shoot for 1,000+ words, if possible) original article to your corporate LinkedIn page. Make it about something your company does well; you need to put out upwards of 1,000 words of high-grade content about this particular topic, after all.

Post a “LinkedIn leader” on about the same schedule to key decision-makers’ LinkedIn profiles as well. Make sure they’re in-lane — your CTO shouldn’t be digressing about marketing strategy, nor your CISO about your latest earnings report. And, again, make sure they’re Really Good. Ghostwrite ‘em, if that’s necessary.

 Is Your Social Media Marketing Machine Firing on All Cylinders?

 Read the above. Read it again. Then ask yourself a simple question: Is your social media marketing machine firing on all cylinders?

If you’re not incorporating each of these five distinct types of social media content, plus a host of others that we lack the space to cover here, you simply can’t say that you’re doing your followership — or your brand — justice.

The good news: You can do something about that. Starting today.

Who knows? After trying a couple of these signature content types out for size, you might see your corporate social accounts in a whole new light.