Smartphone Apps Offer Home Security with Remote Monitoring


Technology has advanced to the point of allowing homeowners to monitor the security of their homes from their smartphones. These devices seem to be able to help us get just about everything done these days. The apps on the smartphones give the homeowner the ability to arm their home security system from where they are without having to return home. Mobile interfaces make it easy for you to interact with the security system at home so activities you forgot to do can be carried out remotely. These include turning your lights on and off, and all the operations are as easily done as checking your emails.


Smartphone Apps Offer Home Security with Remote Monitoring


What can Smart Apps do for Remote Home Monitoring?

Smart apps allow the homeowner to carry out functions such as the following to help secure his home.

• Run a check on the home security and other alarm systems.

• Arm and disarm the system remotely.

• Control the thermostats and lights in the home.

• Specify which alert criteria it should use to notify you if there is fire, security breach or a problem with temperature control. These alert mediums include text, e-mail or a call.

• View feeds from the security camera.

The smartphone can only carry out these activities if they are linked / connected to the security system. Your smartphone is only as good as the security system to which it is linked so do not expect miracles that you know your system is not programmed to handle. Some of the more advanced security systems allow for home automation so that you can connect to your electric and electronic devices at home. It is by this means that you are able to arm and disarm your security systems as well as check on your family or pets on a 24 hour basis from just about anywhere in the world.


Smart Apps Make a Smart Home

Those who use home security systems that are smart app operated are contributing to a healthier environment. Smart apps reduce the individual’s carbon footprint and help them to live a green life. This all due the ability of the homeowner to turn off lights and appliances remotely instead of having them burn all day until he/she gets home. This contributes to a more efficient use of the energy within the home. The ability to control the thermostat from wherever they are as well as not having to burn gas to go back home and do it are also a couple more positives that smart apps add to the home.


Technical Assistance

Smart apps are made to operate the more advanced security systems. This means that there may be times when you will need some technical assistance. One advice from the system providers to the homeowners is that they not try to have the smart apps perform activities that the security system was not programmed to perform. In the case of the app becoming unresponsive, you will need to learn how to restart it or simply restart your phone to get it back up.

Top-end security systems can cause your insurance premiums to reduce significantly. You can use the homeowners insurance calculator to find out what your savings could be. It may be enough to cover the cost of your system.