Market leader to ensure your online safety


Reliable VPN makes it impossible for any hacker or snooper to have access to your private data even if you use unprotected free public Wi-Fi zone as he understands how it is important today to feel yourself protected especially when handling payments online or sending personal emails. Internet is a dangerous place if unprotected, therefore, it is time to choose trustworthy service to ensure online anonymity and safety of personal environment.

With the right choice of VPN provider no one will access your confidential information, rummage through personal chats and emails or monitor online history; all your activities will stay completely anonymous as well as untraceable. From now on unrestricted internet freedom is reality and, one of the best examples of providers who is fully capable creating these conditions is PureVPN.

This fantastic service has a lot of positive feedbacks and you can review purevpn features online to make a conscious decision. Customer friendly pricing policy, lightning speed, complete online anonymity and this is only beginning. Among other features available we have following:

  • Any customer can use up to 5 devices at once. It is extremely convenient if you are travelling and have your lap top, smartphone and tablet with you as PureVPN gives you a chance to enjoy favourite streaming media, geo-restricted apps or websites at any time. Moreover, this provider works on more than 20 types of devices;
  • 24/7 live customer support is available;
  • Security protocols allow to stay anonymous;
  • Numerous servers located in 141 countries and ensure impressive quality of speed;
  • It is possible to transfer huge amounts of data and many more.

This service is perfect for travellers, international journalists, professionals who works remotely and foe anyone who values personal online safety.

Danger of public Wi-Fi

Some of us almost every day visiting public places and use free Wi-Fi hotspots available for free at numerous coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres. Millions of people every day are risking to become be victims of following misfortunes:

  • In no time hackers can lock users out of their own devices using the right tools;
  • Capture of login information, credit card information other financial documents;
  • Interception of shared documents from emails or chat services;
  • Malware distributing.

Popularity and convenience of mobile devices is undeniable and if you are wondering what kind of information hackers can have access to – here are few examples:

  • Users’ IP address and location;
  • Online search history;
  • Private and business emails and chats;
  • Shared files;
  • Passwords, usernames and many more.

In order to protect private information and preserve anonymity while browsing the net users should find reliable VPN service especially if storing work related files on your devices. Only truly reliable provides ensures:

  • Full data encryption;
  • Online anonymity;
  • Access to blocked apps and websites;
  • Super-fast speed, strong connection;
  • Proficient customer support service available 24/7;
  • Chance to change IP address and hide your location.

Secure and reliable VPN provider will make sure no one will have access to your personal files and you will be able visiting any websites without any restrictions at any time.