Is Instagram Good For Small Business?


The power of social media is something we all know. That’s why the power of Instagram in this cannot be denied especially for your business. Instagram helps you promote your business, drive sales through your business, enlarge your network and much more. Huge companies like Nike, Pepsi, Coca-cola are taking full advantage of this much-discussed website or app, i.e., Instagram. But to your surprise, Instagram is useful for small businesses too. I am going to share with you how Instagram helps you for your small businesses, and then you can decide for yourself late that am I right or not.

Instagram Analytics

First and foremost important thing for you if you are going to use Instagram for your business, is the feature of Instagram analytics. It will let you know about the detailed analysis of your account. To avail this feature, first of all, you need to make a business account for your business. And then, when you start posting stuff about your business you can get an analysis of your posts through Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics helps you show your total impressions, reach, profile views and website clicks. It gives you the details stats for your Instagram stories from last 24 hours. You can have the detailed analysis of, from which location you are getting the highest response for your posts, which age group or which gender is most interested in your posts or your business.

These all things help you in your business as you will get know what people most like about your business. It helps you refine your small business. You will know much about your target audience their likes and dislikes. So, this feature helps you in many ways for your small business.

Hashtags Game

You might know what hashtags are. Hashtags are words that that are preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. The hashtag makes your content visible or searchable to a large number of audience. It is an excellent way to market your business. Instagram allows you to add up to 50 hashtags per post.

Hashtags are best for small businesses in a way that it makes your business visible and approachable to a large number of audience and helps you gain followers on Instagram fast. It can expose your messages to an audience that is looking for something specific, especially if you use keywords that are related to your industry.

For Instance is your business is about food and recipes and when you add a hashtag related to it like #cakerecipes #foodlove #foodporn, anyone who will is looking up for some cake recipes, among others posts, your post will also be shown as it has the same hashtag too.

Instagram Stories

The very new feature of Instagram is adding stories to your profile. It is the best way to interact and engage your targeted audience. It helps you tell your story; tell your business story to your followers or potential buyers.

Instagram Stories are a casual and intimate way of engaging your targeted audience. With Instagram stories, you can take your audience to behind the scenes of your business and people love to see what is going on behind those curtains. For instance, if you have any food-related business and you share recipes with your audience, in Instagram Stories you can tell your audience from where you are getting your unique ingredients, how you and your team work to make the best content for their followers, etc.

Whenever you produce a new story, you can immediately check how many views it got. These kinds of stats help you in making your decision about your content production.

As we all know engagement and networking are all a business need, so, Instagram stories help you with this. It also helps you gain followers on Instagram fast and market your business product/service authenticity.


Well, these were only three points I have shared with you in making you realize that YES! Instagram is useful for your small businesses. It helps you in a lot more useful ways which you are yet to discover. Instagram is a gold mine, which has a lot of golden opportunities for those who want to make use of it.

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So, go ahead and make use of Instagram for your small business and good luck with that!