Integrities At Risk Due To Cyber Attacks


Integrities At Risk Due To Cyber Attacks

Cyber- attacks or cyber- crime is the procedure in which some person or a group of persons initiate illegal ways to destroy the privacy of the IT services and machines. There are a whole lot of ways in which cyber-crime can be carried out and some of the very common and popular ways includes phishing, click jacking, social engineering, spoofing, direct access attacks and service denial attacks.

All of these attacks do have a different procedure but they all have one common result that is damaging the integrity, security and privacy of an individual, a firm, a machine or even an entire country. The various integrities or systems that might be at risk due to the cyber- attacks includes the following-

  • Finance– the entire financial system might be at risk if they do not have cyber security shield as the people might hack the various PIN numbers of the debit and credit cards while electronic transaction or internet banking and make improper use of the data collected and cause a financial loss at any level.
  • Utilities and industries– the various utilities like electricity control, water plant etc. and various industries are dependent upon their systems and one click defines their work. If the system gets hacked the entire industry can go for a toss.
  • Aviation– the whole of aviation companies rely upon machines and data transfer, communication between the source destination and pilots, flight traffic, routes, takeoff and landing are all defined by these IT services and cyber- crime can puzzle the entire system with ease without cyber security. Having low cyber security in this platform might result in to loss of several lives, aeroplanes etc.
  • Government and military– each and every country is entirely depended upon its government and the military forces. The machines under government use contain very crucial and highly confidential data and information about each and every individual, state, city, map, and soldiers. Hacking such a machine can be highly destructive on a huge note and hence cyber security plays a very important role in keeping a country safe from terrorism and attacks.
  • Medical system– the various medicines, antidotes for viruses etc. are mixed and matched via machines. Scientists and doctors use machines for trying out various combinations of medicinal drugs and also store information bout each and every element. Any misleading information in this system might result in to causing serious hazards to the life of the patients.

The internet burglars do not just hack or crave for the various financial transactions but they also tend to attack the lives of the people indirectly. Acquiring information through phishing is common but then some people also tend to attack the society by providing the industries with incorrect data or misleading information that can have bad results.

The various cyber security are hence important as installing them in the machines would ensure that any foreign threat gets detected and hence the cyber security system or app can configure the threats or computer viruses without the loss of information. Checking out more about the topic online is always a wise idea. Also learn about debt related topics online and get your debt issues solved in an easy manner. Click here to learn more about it.