Installing a keylogger on a computer: Learn all the tricks you need.


 Installing a Keylogger Program on a Computer

In the online jungle and environment the Internet has produced, it has become necessary to monitor the activities of computer users. One of the ways of tracking someone’s online and offline activities is installing a keylogger from a credible vendor like With this solution on your target suspect’s computer, you can record all the strokes they make on the computer. After downloading the software onto the comp, it will start an automatic capture of the strokes of their keystrokes as soon as they turn on the computer. Additionally, the program operates in stealth mode. This way, it becomes easier and safer to track their passwords and access the online and offline locations they visit without them having the slightest idea. Moreover, if you program it, it can be sending you email notifications of all the keylogs the target suspect makes. In the remaining sections of our post, we shall learn how to install this program on a computer.

But how does a keylogger work?
Before getting into the details of installing this software, let us look at how it works to boost your spying adventures. After an installation, the program remains hidden in the background of the computer. For instance, if the person you are spying on logs into a system or website like and they type their “username” and the “password” the keylogging app will capture that information and store it in the logs. When you open these logs, they will show you the username and password. The good side of the app is that it is not possible to track the person who installed it on the computer.
In addition, the software can perform other spying functions. For instance, you can use it for capturing screenshots, recording webcams, storing web searches, recording websites someone visits, recording IM chats, and recording emails exchanged on the computer.

Steps to installing a keylog app

Here are the steps you need to install the application of a computer you want to use in your spying work.

  • Purchase the app

The first step to the installation requires you to have the software. You are supposed to buy one from a reputable vendor if you are not a skilled programmer who can develop your own software. Before buying a keylogging app, you should ensure that it has all the features you need because different vendor sell these apps with different features and levels of functionality.

  • Installing it on the computer

When you are sure that you have gotten the right app, go on to install it onto the target computer. If you are targeting to install the app on your computer, then you will have an easy time installing it. But if you are targeting another person’s computer, then be more careful. If you find it harder, you may get the assistance of an expert to install it for you. In addition, you can choose to install the application remotely or directly. The remote option is a bit tricky especially if you are not a professional hacker. The reason is that you will need to convince the user of the target computer to download the app. The challenge with this option is that many of the apps on the market do not have an option to install them remotely. Even if you manage to convince someone to download the software, their antivirus will flag it off when they try to install it.
Therefore, the best and easiest option is to install the app on the computer directly. The best way to do it is to ask the use of the computer to allow you use it.

  • Setting up the spyware

After a successful installation, you will need to set it up to capture the type of information you want it to give you. For instance, you can configure it to record keylogs and screenshots you will program it to do so. In addition, you need to program it so that it can deliver your spying reports to your preferred portal where you want it to be sending the information, for instance, an email address. Lastly, you should set it to be sending these reports at certain intervals. For example, you can configure it to be taking screenshots after every one minute.

  • Accessing the reports

After getting through with the above processes, you are now ready to enjoy your spying mission. All you need to do is to receive and use the details at your pleasure; it is that simple.

Key log apps are great tools for conducting a spying mission on a suspect teenager, spouse, and employee. You can install it on the target computer directly or remotely depending on which method is more convenient to you then the other. By following the steps we have shared in this post, you can add another feather to your spying cap.

Advise: Please use only these tricks Ethically for Ethical Reasons