How to Recover From Google Panda


Google panda has been launched to discourage “low rank / low quality” sites while placing higher quality sites near the top of the search results. Google panda was launched in 2011 and it turned out to be helpful for search engine in terms of recognizing sites quality.


This article relates to topic “How to recover from Google Panda”? Before moving ahead about recoveries tips, it is better to know that Panda is a domain level penalty for low quality sites with poor contents. If a site is of low quality with poor contents and theme, complete domain may suffer. This is proper time to review quality and contents of site with an analytical approach. Please read appended suggestions carefully to stay safe from Panda. Review you whole site with an analytical approach. If you feel that your bear some low quality content, Revise or replace all. Poor or substandard contents may affect the whole domain. Update your site with quality contents and post fresh contents because Google loves fresh sites. Try to make content is unique, effective and matchless, making easier for readers.




Frequent visits to Google different forum help you in updating, required changes in your site while telling you the demands of Google panda to keep your site bullet-proof from future Google panda updates, in 2012 or coming years, adhere Google quality forums taking it as guidelines.


Strictly avoid any black hat SEO and focus on quality of content, increasing social media presence. Remove weak contents, low impact and poor ranking pages from site immediately. Avoid long tailed contents; come to smaller and to the point silos of information.


Add links to your site, this is a legal way to use others content provided. If your website provides useful content then people will come repeatedly and shall refer to others via social-networking websites.


Spend reasonable time on various Google webmaster forums; exchange views to people that were trying to recover, which shall help you to take your site to next step.




Make it sure that your blogs are convenient for Google search engine.


Google panda do not consider numbers or volume of pages, or length of contents, but consider only quality and readers response. Google shall ranks the smallest website if contents are of quality with reasonable back links.


If you wish to stay high in rank in Google Panda, you should try to become an “authority” by continuous net surfing and gathering information. If you stayed hesitant, confused or failed to understand the requisite demands of Google panda, Google Panda shall not consider you much; so, in order to obtain recognition, you need to clearly. Define your goals, target and objectives dedicatedly on a particular niche. The more focused you stay; the better results will be for your website or brand.


After doing all the needful keeping in view to the basic details of the rank-building process, you must always focus in quality of contents and the volume. Be selective to maintain quality which very important. Google Panda consider various factors to calculate Page Rank. Post quality material on your website.


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