How to rebrand on a low budget?


Beyond a memorable logo and tagline, good branding will increase the company value, motivate the employees in the right direction and acquire new customers without hassles.

In short, branding is everything!!!

When you’re thinking about the brand, you need to think out of the box. Think about your customer’s experience, social media experience, brand logo, website design, blog experience and more. It is important to understand about the brand experience. Before getting started with branding, you need to have a plan to create an excellent brand experience.

It’s no surprise that a good brand doesn’t happen overnight, whether you’re planning to start a business or looking to rebrand, you need to have the right strategic plan. With the right plan, you can easily set your business on the right track.

Why rebrand?

Is your business experiencing an identity crisis though you’ve created the best brand persona? Your visual or graphic identity does not reflect that? Your brand doesn’t reflect your business products or services? You’re attracting wrong clients. Your brand logo is too confusing or has an outdated image. Your brand theme is not suitable for a business model.  And your brand is similar to competitors.

There are several reasons to rebrand. Whatever might be the reason, you need to create a powerful brand that people can easily identify and remember. Visual identity plays a vital role in branding. Your visual identity shows “who are you? and how you’re different from your competitors?”.

Let’s dive into the topic.

How to rebrand on a low budget?

Did you know you can rebrand your business on a low budget? Yes!!! Rebrand your business on a low budget easily. You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to rebrand your business. Say big thanks to social media, these platforms enable you to promote your brand for free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to market your brand on social media platforms. With your own talent, you can rebuild your brand.

If you’re running a small business, you might be doing all the tasks by yourself, there are few tasks which you’ve never done before. With dedication and hard work, you plan things wisely and complete the work. In the same manner, rebranding your business is not different as creating visual content or handling social media profiles. The same hard work, dedication and determination will keep your business running successfully.

Set clear and realistic goals

Want your brand to complete the work you have created it for? Then you need to set clear and realistic goals before you get started. Start branding in your mind and ensure you’re achieving it in a realistic way without compromising other processes.

Take a pen and paper and note down, what is your brand about? Who is your target audience? What are your products and services? How can you help customers? What is the best social media channel to promote your brand?  How long does it take for designers to create a logo or other graphics? How much does it cost for brand promotions?

And the list goes on and on…

Just like growing your business, you need to follow a step-by-step procedure while rebranding your business. It’s important to follow the plan in rebranding.

Complete brand stationery

Now the real game starts!!! There are many reasons why brand stationery is important. You need to get complete brand stationery after setting up your goals. The brand stationery includes a logo, business card, calendar, brochure, letterhead and envelopes. Giving a professional look for your brand stationery is important. If you don’t know how to create a professional logo design or business card for your business, look no further than PosterMyWall, they’ll help you to create customized and professional logos or business cards within a couple of minutes.

Have a Strong Identity

When you’re focusing on designing a professional logo or business card, you need to work towards your goal. Creating a strong identity is important for rebranding. In fact, many popular brands don’t rely on expensive designs or templates. Instead, they  communicate their goals, mission and values in a straightforward way.

With a powerful brand identity, customers can easily remember your brand. When you have a strong brand name, logo and images, customers with a positive feeling will refer your brand to their friends or family members. This way you don’t need to spend your money on advertising your brand on billboards or press releases.

Use Social Media channels

Good news for the people who have started their business in the 21st century, if you’re one among them, consider yourself as the lucky person. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are useful tools to rebrand on a low budget. There are millions of active users on social media. Many businesses use social media platforms to improve brand awareness.

Getting connected with a wide range of audience is easy on these social media channels. Use social media channels and promote your brand for free. Consider creating a Facebook page with your brand name and showcase your product or service. Also, you can join groups on Facebook or Instagram and promote your brand. This way you can increase your followers and improve engagement.

If you think handling social media accounts is not your thing, you can hire a social media manager to maintain and manage your social media profiles. They will design quality images and plan posts accordingly. While promoting your brand on social media, it’s important to maintain consistency. Using a consistent brand logo, colour or template around your brand communication will help the audience to easily identify your brand.

Create Valuable Content

Content is king!!!

It’s no surprise creating quality and engaging content can be long-term investment. But creating valuable content is worthy to promote your brand on a low budget.

Create content in various forms such as articles, how-to videos, educational content, blog posts and more. These will allow you to connect and educate your potential customers. Creating valuable content is the best way to increase brand awareness. When you create valuable and quality content, you can increase the trust among your audience.


Small business entrepreneurs often assume that rebranding their business would be expensive. Though the rebranding is expensive, there are few ways to rebrand your company on a budget. Make sure you have a strategic plan, keep a note, avoid expenses such as hiring an expensive agency for rebranding your company. If you want to rebrand your company on budget, find an agency that meets your requirements in your budget. Follow the above mentioned tricks that help to make your rebranding cost-effective.