How to Build Up a Massive Following on Twitter


When you first start out on Twitter it may seem like it is difficult to get people to follow you. However that’s probably because you may not be approaching it in the right way. Just like any social network, people aren’t just going to follow you for no reason – so you need to ensure that you’re doing everything in your power to convince them to do so.

Some of the best ways to build up a massive following on Twitter are:

Pretty up your profile

Make sure your profile is as complete as possible – and includes a photo of yourself, or your brand logo, depending on which you feel is more appropriate. Try to keep your profile picture as normal as possible, and then let your creativity go wild with the header image.

Follow people back

The Twitter ecosystem is based on a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” sort of philosophy – so if people follow you, you should follow them back – especially when you’re first starting out. In some cases when you follow people back they may even compose a tweet about something interesting they saw on your feed or retweet one of your tweets – which is great.

Find ways to get more exposure

Do you have a thriving website or blog? Add a widget for your Twitter there. Do you take part in Twitter chat sessions? Start. Anything and everything that can get your name out there is going to give your Twitter account the exposure it needs to attract more followers.

Use tools to schedule tweets

There are tons of tools available nowadays that will help you to schedule your tweets so that you don’t need to physically be there every time. Not only will these make things a lot more convenient, but they’ll also help you get into the habit of tweeting regularly.

Of course there are alternatives such as using Devumi to get followers – or something else of that like. That way you could really jumpstart your Twitter following in a short span of time.

While it is up to you to decide whether you want to go down that route, one thing is for certain – even after you buy Twitter followers you should still cover these basics so that you can leverage that and attract even more followers on top of them.