Free Antivirus App to Download on Googleplay


Free Antivirus App to Download on Googleplay

When it comes to protecting your smartphone or tablet, you want to know that you have the best-of-the-best. That is exactly what you get when you download the AVG Antivirus free for your phone. This affordable antivirus protection app allows you to know that all of your information is secure and gives you peace of mind while youare using your mobile device. Whether youare in the market for an antivirus for phone protection or one for your tablet, here are a few options you should know about.

Why So Many Download AVG

With over 100 Million downloads and counting, this app is a very popular option for cell phone security. This app offers a variety of features that allow you to protect your pictures, documents, conversations and more from being hacked and leaked out. Here are a few features of the app that consumers find appealing:

  • Track your phone via Google Maps if you can not find your device
  • Lock your phone remotely from a different tablet or computer when you feel that your phone has been lost or stolen
  • Ability to wipe your SD card and phone completely if it has been stolen and there is no chance it will be returned
  • If you have snooping friends and family you can see you who is trying to get into your phone with the Camera Trap feature, which will snap a photo and email it to you after three failed attempts of unlocking your phone
  • Silently running in the background, the app will kill any task that is trying to run constantly and drain your battery life
  • Create a vault that is passcode protected for your most private photos that you do not want others seeing

These are just a few of the many features that AVG can offer to those who are in need of cell phone protection. This free app is one of the highest ranked on Google Play and more consumers are downloading it every day. The App is available in 33 different languages and is offering a free one-month trial, which will give you access to all of the Apps features. I suggest testing out the App in the free trial and determine whether or not the upgrade to the Pro version is necessary. When it comes to privacy you do not want to cheat out, so perhaps spending a few bucks is not the worst idea.

The call to action has never been more important. There have been multiple cyberattacks and vulnerabilities found in smartphone softwares over the years. Just remember, if a hacker can access one of your devices, they can not only tap into any other linked devices but even your personal network’s. If a friend or boss send you an email to a hacked phone, they are now a victim of a cyber attack as well. Download AVG Antivirus now, and not only protect yourself but also your friends and family.