ComicBookLover: Best Comic Reader for Mac OS


With the turn of the century, you might have witnessed many unthinkable phenomena. Superior technology has made it possible to keep you entertained and informed everywhere you go. Similarly, if you are avid comic reader, you no longer need to tag them along when you move about. Just get your dose of digital comics from your digital comic software. ComicBookLover is the ultimate comic reader for Mac OS which allows you to read, collect comics as well as put your collection in order. This comic reader for Macintosh is one of its kinds and has revived favorable reviews so far.




Why ComicBookLover?

With the popularity of digital comics, not only amongst the readers but also the creators, the demand for such a device which provides comfortable exposure is always welcome. Reading it on your MAC is completely enjoyable as the detailing and graphics make it lively and attractive.


A digital collection of your favorite comics is a savior in many ways. You do not have to worry about the space it requires for storage and also about ravages of time. Sitting in office, neck-deep in work, you can still get a piece of your favorite comic hero and take a trip down the memory lane. The ComicBookLover has several amazing features which make the entire digital experience wonderful.


Features of ComicBookLover for MAC

With this comic reader, you would be able to:
• Choose your page mode, whether Manga double page, single or Western page mode, according to your preference.
• Make changes in the information of the comics in the language of your choice
• Resize and fit pages that are too large, comfortably to the screen.
• Make a list of your favorites and also bookmark the chapters that you’d like to get back to.
• Manipulate mouse and keyboard easily.
• Make the pages suitable to your eyes by adjusting the colors and editing them.
• Make use of an Apple Remote while you want to display them on full-screen mode.
• Tag the comics of your choice using ComicBookInfo.
• Update ComicBookLover Library by bringing in the comics from your stock.
• Run formats like CBZ, PDF and CBR of your comics.
• Use its features like ‘auto-completion’ and auto-fill while you are typing.


Make ComicBookLover your own

As the best new age comic software for MAC, ComicBookLover certainly enjoys the edge. Fro this you might have to shell out $25, but this will be worth a buy. You can buy it online from the Bitcartel Software Web Store or from downloaded demo. Get to the ComicBookLover Menu, look for Purchase or Register and then do the needful. If you are inclined to get your copy from Bitcartel, you will get a 30 day period for money-back if unsatisfied with the product.


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