Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Enhance Business


Social Media is dominating the world wide web, it isn’t just about chatting, making friends, uploading and downloading files, photographs, music and other related web activities. Today, Social Media becomes the major life-line for online businesses. With the aid of social media. companies can now track their visitors, reach targeted customers, conduct business transactions online, while simultaneously sell and market their product to the masses with the click of a button.

Social Media Monitoring Tools enable companies to enhance and spread their business along with their product (or, content) on a massive global scale. Social Media tools are not only assisting companies within their given business venture, they are also returning a monetary profit. Corporate world advertising professionals as well as multinational companies are utilizing such tools on a grand scale within assisting their customers toward the value and quality of their product(s). Social media tools also aid companies in locating potential customers and attracting them to their product, they also offer reports, Google analytics and real time feedbacks about their products from their consumers.


Bloggers Path has once again collected some vital and pretty useful Social Media Monitoring Tools which will not only help users, but they will help them in making their online business flourish within the right direction, as well as enable them to make a good financial profit.


1. Trackur

Price : Free – $18 to $377

Trackur is one of the best social media monitoring tools which tracks the reputation of the owners, their employees, clients, products, and analyzes feedbacks for company come from media, Users can search with specific keywords, Trackur filters searches for millions of Web Pages and achieves the appropriate results.


    • Trackers provides a simple and easy dashboard.

    • Trackur offers users updates to current events.

    • Trackur doesn’t require any training.


2. Sprout Social

Price : Free30 Day Trial, then $9/month or $49/month

Spout Social enables users to manage their business in one place as well as enabling users to find out new and business related customers so that it won’t waste the time of both customers and vendors. This tool assists users in discovering meaningful connections and turns connection into loyal customers. It is connected to twitter, facebook and every other social networking site in order to provide customers for users business needs.


    • Provides customize inbox to view messages, business mentions, check in alerts etc.

    • It helps user to create reports with few clicks, enables user to keep an eye on Google Analytics.

    • Its unique Location Manager feature enables users to keep an eye on their frequent customers, it provides email and sms service when a customer “checks in” to the site.

    • Sprout special best feature is Contact Manager which holds the communication history, profile information etc.


3. Webfluenz

Price : $ 89 to $4299 per month

Webfluenz enables users to get new customers, sales, and business from the real time market and social media.


    • Webfluenz provides the Crisis Identification where it helps to identify the possible crises creeping situations and immediately take any action to fight back with such kind of situations.

    • Another great feature of webfluenz is Advertisement Planning it looks and places the ads on those places where visitors come in huge numbers, according to the need of brand.

    • It provides the Customer Relationship Management where it always welcomes the real time and true feedbacks from the customer and tries to build a relationship between customers and vendors.

    • Enables users to keep track of the competitor’s activities, what they are doing in real time.


4. Sysomos

Price : Not Available

Sysomos provides customer, and with the help of these tool users can measure, monitor, understand and can associate with the social media. Sysomos provides the instant access to all blogs, articles, microblogging services from forums, media sources and videos and keep an eye of all conversations which held with above mentioned services.


    • It enables users to real time social monitoring.

    • Sysomos is fully spam free service which won’t affect the users business and their brands.

    • It enables users to find out the target audience by the help of Geography and Demographics feature.

    • It provides Instantaneous Results and enables users to find out what they actually want.


5. BackType

Price : Free

BackType helps companies to understand their social impact of their products via its analytic platform. Back Type uses an API which not only produces the results of social media impact on their brand but also helps users to redefine their marketing strategy. Users can search for their urls, people and topics to see the impact their product has made upon the social media. Back type is a marketing intelligence company that develops products and services which enables companies to understand their social impact regarding their brand, product etc..

6. Viral Heat

Price : $9 to 89.99 per month

Viral Heat covers up the overall social media from the major sites such as Google Buzz, Twitter Facebook and YouTube. Viral Heat uses the advanced algorithm to assess who is about to purchase the product, it reaches to those customers deals with them and sells the product.
Features :

    . It provides complete and detailed coverage of social media from twitter to facebook fan pages, real time web and viral videos.
    . It enables Killer Analytics which covers all aspect from statistics; influence Analytics, Sentiment Analysis to Viral Analysis.
    . Viral Heat intelligence can detect customers who are looking to purchase products, export quality and secure sales force Export.

7. Social Mention

Price : Free

Social Mention enables users to conduct search and analyzes the exact user generated contents from all over the world as a single result. It allows users to easily keep an eye on what people are actually saying about user’s products, their company and any current topic which is flooding in the social media networks within real time. Social Mention covers all of the major social bookmarking and social networking sites from digg to twitter, facebook, friend feeds, youtube etc..

8. How Sociable

Price : Free

How Sociable provides a simple way to keep an eye on users brand and their visibility on the social web.

9. Brand Watch

Price : Not Available

Brand Watch possesses one of the best tools which render real time coverage of social media, it provides a clear view of data which has been stored by Brand Watch during monitoring. It enables users to download the data of other users, and it also enables users to create reports based on those given social networking analytics.

    • It collects data from all over the world from microblogging sites to youtube, vimeo, myspace and every social networking site.

    • After gathering the data the brightest feature of Brand Watch is Clearing the Data. Brand Watch’s team cleans the data by removing spam and unnecessary data which is not required for user’s business. It also identifies any duplicate data and removes it to make further benefits to users and company.
    • It provides the full Data Analysis from language detection to query matching.


10. Step Rep

Price : Not Available

StepRep enables users to tap into the type of feedback they are receiving from people who are using their products and brand. It provides the latest and immediate results and stats directly to the uses inbox.

    • It provides customer opinions as well as what users are saying about products, it allows users to share their positive response automatically to other customers while negative comments will await Admin approval. It covers blogs, websites, local review sites and social media.

    • Visibility feature shows whether users businesses are listed in major search engines, local review sites, directories and social networks. Visiting feature gathers up all the locations where users business have more possibility to grow and expand.

    • It provides key words customers are using during runtime.

    • It provides a complete diagram of competitors stats and how users businesses rate in comparison to their competitors.


11. Social Report

Price :30 days free trial, $9 to $ 79 per month

Social Report helps users track their social network accounts, with the help of Social Report users can keep an eye on visitors, time spent by visitors on their site, keywords, visitor’s location, membership, education, employment and many more. Social Report is an easy and powerful tool which gives its users complete access over their websites and introduces their business to a specific audience.